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Summer Camp 2019

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe a country in your world, including its political structure and history.
A total of 370 entries

The Unseelie Host of Brec'hwood

The political structure of the city

The United Federation of Erus

Homeland - Geological Territories 1-8

Avolotian Structure and History

[i]The Capital[/i], The Hub Of Interitus

The Toy Kingdom of Toalandia

Principalities of the Vineyard Coast

The Palisade Directorate

Winterhaven's Long History (SC'19)

Merchant's Republic of Bastok

Gnomish People's Republic

Kingdom of Tränenfeld

Court of the Sovereign Isles

The Divine Destrund Empire

The Kingdom of Wuan, home of the living and dead

United League of Britain

Wlitowa, Agroia'aruyo: Imperial Authority of Wlitowa

Bushena and the Goldenroses

The Convocation of Mages

The United Smurfs of Athena 1.

The Sovereign Empire of Shikyuo

Confederated Domain of Focousalia

Holy Crown of bh'Wâneshlidé

The Royal Kingdom of Karkovia

Thalinspire & Thalinost, Flame of the Thalinspire

Nilaminra "Teokratin av Nilari och Minrans" "S"

Troubled times in the Blue West

The Zellean world-Empire

A Breif History of Drelina

The Empire of Kaer Thalion

Grand Tribal Confederacy

Yordjeim, Home Of The Giants

Linnea, Kingdom of the Gravid Queens

The Protectorate of Kolwidg