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Summer Camp 2019

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe a country in your world, including its political structure and history.
A total of 372 entries

The Shadow Empire

The Unseelie Host of Brec'hwood

The political structure of the city

The United Federation of Erus

The Empire of Light

Kingdom of Arador

The Republic of Thorns

Caelumarcis Consilium

The Free Kingdom of Othris

Lime, City of the Jester King

Kingdom of Sanguinia

The United Kingdoms

Factions in Iselion

Earldom of Westisle

The Kalit City states

Kingdom of Garamor

Serene Empire of Evander

Kulkias, Kingdom of the Sun

Homeland - Geological Territories 1-8

The Alperion Empire - WIP

The Expansion Imperative

Khworez (City-State)

Avolotian Structure and History

The Kingdom of Fimra

Kingdom of El Brazo

United States of Britannia

[i]The Capital[/i], The Hub Of Interitus

The Toy Kingdom of Toalandia

Principalities of the Vineyard Coast

The Palisade Directorate

Empire of Virathas

Winterhaven's Long History (SC'19)

Karthe, The First City

Global Government of Minama

Merchant's Republic of Bastok

The Seelie Court

The Days before Thaydor

Kingdom of Sea Cotton

Coastal Guild Authority

Eschatonic Union of Yug

Council of Wizards

Eco City State Government

Kingdom of Edral

Arburgian Government

Honeylavender Kingdom

Kingdom of Tolden

Gnomish People's Republic

The Aegalian Dynasty

Kingdom of Massalia

The Aunari Archipelago

The Empire of Tavares

The Republic of Halivaara

The Kingdom of Etraks

Kingdom of Tränenfeld

Principality of Etoile

Court of the Sovereign Isles

The Divine Destrund Empire

The Kingdom of Wuan, home of the living and dead

The Great Draconic Empire

The Nation of Toth

The Clockwork Empire

The Theocratic State of Sylmaneth

The Ranwyn Empire

Dragonborn Empire

Linnadeigh (nation)

United League of Britain

Königreich Falcruma

The Country of Harvenston (SC)

The Orange Island Defenders

Kingdom of Fishita

Yiavabwià̃ Country

Wlitowa, Agroia'aruyo: The Imperial Authority of Wlitowa

The kingdom of Krym

The Country of Cascadia

Bushena and the Goldenroses

Ghōnsalā (घोंसला)

The First Kingdom

Abonarisches Reich

Giea (formerly 'Gaia')

The Kingdom of Duralon

Nation of the Monomak

Crescent Fly Federation

The Convocation of Mages

The Nation of Alin-Tar

The Kingdom of Caloth

Thrasis of Burmeccia

The United Smurfs of Athena 1.

The Commonwealth Minutemen

The Republic of Brass

Republic of Mona

The Sovereign Empire of Shikyuo

The Kingdom of Costadoro

The Kendricklands

Kingdom of Vauraus

Voltrael, Kingdom of the Ukari

The Eisenburg Federation

The Nucrana Republic

Assembly of Stars

Confederated Domain of Focousalia

Kingdom of Eldoron

Dominion of San Riaune

The Royal Kingdom of Karkovia

Thalinspire & Thalinost, Flame of the Thalinspire

Kingdom of Eremere

The Daguukiin Empire

Nilaminra {Teokratin av Nilari och Minrans}

Troubled times in the Blue West

The Zellean world-Empire

The Republic of Seknia

Thelereth Ford Draft

Queenlands Superpower

Magia Technologiae

The Venitas Confederacy

Greater German Republic

Midnight Oathbreakers

The Valcoran Empire

Kingdom of Norria

Great Christmas Parliament

The Citraidarian Empire

A Breif History of Drelina

The Empire of Kaer Thalion

Grand Tribal Confederacy

Nitayo government

The Empire of Hajinaru

Laan'ithilan Council

The Golden Fields Free State

Celestial Island

Kingdom of Ivendarea

The Capital Alliance

The Thovian Kingdom

Thessaryn Magistrate

Tyrralore's Technocracy

The Rohakkim Nation

The Hythian Consortium

The Arborvale Concord

Yordjeim, Home Of The Giants

The Country of Cohari

Celestria (Protectorate)

Linnea, Kingdom of the Gravid Queens

Kaiserreich (Nation)

The Protectorate of Kolwidg