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The City State of the Six Brass Rings

It always feels really weird going to the Sixth Floor, no? Like... first you get a guard patrol to accompany you through Towertown, fighting off the clockwork. Then you make your way through the "Outer Rings" where you see these poor, starving people... finally to get to the opulent "Inner Rings". Just feels wrong.
— Seventh Floor Resident, on Visiting Senary
Six walls of brass encircle this city, nestled in the cliffs of the Sixth Floor. Six rings made of the same metal used to create the clockwork they wish to keep out. Main City is one of two cites of Synthacrosia that claim near total control of an entire floor of the tower; but even still, the need for walls exists. Outside of the six brass walls lay a dangerous wasteland, rife with marauding clockwork.  

The Sixth Floor

Surrounded by table top mountains in every direction, sheer cliffs make up the walls of much of the Sixth Floor. A single river flows from a source in the North Western mountains -- it cuts across the floor, terminating in the South East. The River Bulwark is counted as one of the "Six Walls" of Main City, another protection against the clockwork found in Towertown. On Main City's side of Bulwark River, the ground is covered in a soft, short grass. Souls who have not settled within the inner rings of Main City often find themselves building houses out in the outer rings, or near the city.  

Walls of the City

Made of Brass

I love our walls. I really do. The clockwork out there, they're endless, I have no idea where they come from, and they're always trying to destroy us... So what do we do? We build our fucking walls out of the very metal they're constructed with.
— Main City Guard

The Inner Rings

As the Inner Rings of Main City have the most protection from the roaming clockwork, the Inner Rings are the most desirable location to live. Here is where the most important people of the city live; the government officials, the influential people, the famous artisans. The Main City Guard have their main intelligence headquarters set up within the inner rings as well, however they keep most of their barracks within the outer rings.   Within the center of the inner rings is a dark scar, where no one goes. It was here that the forces from the Fifth Floor attacked during the War of the Fracture -- it was here, the Binding Hammer and Ancient Spikes were used to seal the passageway between the floors. The area now radiates terrible dark energy from the Ancient Spike left hammered into the ground; none can approach it, even if they wanted to. The area is thus walled off once again, and aside from a small patrol of guards that keeps watch on it, should the forces from below ever attack again.

The Outer Rings

Home to farmers, to guards, to those less fortunate. The outer rings lack the enhanced security that comes with having many multiple walls to protect them. Instead, they must rely on the Bulwark River to separate them from the clockwork; or, if they're in the nicer parts of the Outer Rings, they may rely on the River as well as a single brass wall. The Outer Rings do benefit from a high concentration of guards, however. As the outer walls cover more area, the amount of guard houses goes up. In the inner rings, one might find one or two barracks full of guards, but in the outer-most ring, there are thirteen.
Hey, you going to the Outers? Can you pick me up some potatoes?
— Inner Ring Resident


Wait... you lost the votes from the outer rings? ....Eh. No worries. It's not like what they want matters. They'll do what we tell them regardless.
— Inner Rings Government Official
Main City follows a twisted sort of Segregated Democracy. It's been warped to create a feedback loop that ensures those with power decide who gets to keep power -- votes from the outer rings are counted with less accuracy, and with less weight behind them, than votes from the inner rings.


Main City is run by a council of 6 members. These 6 members oversee every part of the city, and make the decisions that determine what the city will focus it's efforts towards. Each member of the council is intended to be equal in stature. However... opinions, friendships, and rivalries exist, and occasionally cliques form within the council of 6.   Residents of Main City who enjoy lamenting their Government often rank the members of the council by what "Ring" they feel represents the Official. The most popular official is often colloquially referred to as the "First Ring Council Member", while the official suffering from the most recent scandal might be called "The Sixth Ring Official".



The currency of Main City is based on the clockwork that swarm at it's walls. The brass automotons that are defeated are stripped down, and converted into spare parts, or smashed into tine pieces of brass. The bigger or more complicated the brass piece is, the more it is worth. This system grants significant power to those who fight and destroy the clockwork; meaning the guard has significant influence over much of the city. It's a give and take situation, where the guard owns some of the higher ups within the inner rings, while the true "Inner Ringers" own the guard.
6th Floor
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
Main City, the Six Rings, The Sixth Floor
Government System
Power Structure
Client state / puppet state
Economic System
Mixed economy

Inner Rings

First Ring

Location of the Guard Intelligence headquarters, and where the Government of Main City meets. The "Higher-Ups" of the Main City Guard all have dwellings within the outer rings, as do all of the government officials.  

Second Ring

Home to the secondary groups of powerful people. The wealthy and influential live within the second ring.  

Third Ring

The third ring is filled with what the city considers it's most important creators; the bakers, the cooks, and the chefs. The third ring is also sometimes referred to as the restaurant district.  

Fourth Ring

The fourth ring is the main residential area of the city. Those who do not have enough wealth to live in the Second ring, nor the skills to live in the third, live here. They aren't as destitute as those that live in the outer rings, and having no skills as farmers, the residents keep to the inner ring.  

Outer Rings

Fifth Ring

Farms, guards, and those less fortunate. The Fifth Ring is the second largest ring in terms of pure land-mass -- the majority of it is taken up by farms. Dispersed throughout the fields, occasional groups of buildings surrounding watch towers are found. These are the guard barracks, where patrols of the outer walls begin.  

Sixth Ring

Home of those who are forgotten, criminals, and the roughest of guards. The Sixth Ring is the area beyond the Bulwark River, between the river and the wall surrounding Towertown. While most of the clockwork are contained within Towertown, many still breach it's walls. Residents of the Sixth Ring are constantly hiding, or fighting.


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