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2500th Year in the Era of Decline

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The Tower of Souls

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A tower wrought of cold metal and ancient stone stretches upwards into infinity, constructed in the middle of the ancient realm known as Purgatory. Constructed thousands of years ago by one known as Locorin , the Tower captures any soul recently dead; it reconstitutes them into a physical form within the first floor of the Tower. These new souls would then be given a chance at a second life within the tower, a chance to climb, to rediscover parts of themselves, to learn and to grow. Helpful clockwork servants were forged, to act as guides, and enforcers of law within the tower.
That was Locorin's intent, at least.
Sometime near the beginning of time within the tower, tragedy struck. Locorin vanished. The clockwork of the tower deactivated. Conditions worsened over time, and society began to break down. The many long years in this state slowly stripped the souls of their memories, compounding the miserable situation. Things only got worse once the clockwork reactivated -- this time, with malicious intent.


Tower of Souls

Pathfinder 1e

Death is only the beginning in Synthacrosia