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2500th Year in the Era of Decline

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Something about this place seems artificial, and strange. Clockwork servants roam the many levels of this unimaginable tower. Its denizens are people from all eras and locations, all gathered here, in the tower within purgatory. Synthacrosia is entering it's 3000th year of operation, and it's 2500th year of decline.     New souls arrive at the bottom of the tower. Floor one, within the Coalescent Dome . It's a picturesque landscape -- a small, quaint pond, with a single island, and a single tree. The surrounding area is nothing but an expanse of green hills. Before long, the rolling green hills and the impossibly blue sky meet. A faint rectangular outline in the blue sky betrays its true form, a wall, complete with a door. Through the door, through "processing", and out into the dark expanse of the first floor is where new souls find themselves.   The floor is massive, with the ceiling only barely visible -- the walls are too far away to see. The air smells of rust, giant gears laboriously turn for unknowable mechanisms, and a strange half dark half light fills the area.

Welcome to Synthacrosia, the great tower of purgatory.

  Stretching an unknown level of floors up, Synthacrosia extends into the abyss that is Purgatory. Floor one is dark, mechanical, full of rocks and dust. Floor two is occupied by a mysterious forest, with a cursed river running through it. Above that is floor 3, a massive, uninhabitable desert. Floor 4 appears to be an ocean spanning the entire floor. Floors 5, 6, the rest, are unknown, needing to be discovered by the party.  

Who are you?




You might already have a basic understanding of this world. You've gotten to hear about some of the characters, like Jaxton , and Locorin . You have been tasked with climbing the tower. You'll be finding more information soon.   Useful links for you:   Session Reports   Key Items   Player Characters   Deep Lore  



This world might be hard for you to understand at first, and this page likely has much more information than you need to spectate. All you really need to do, if you wish to spectate and view the story so far, is keep up with the timeline. Starting with the initial creation of Synthacrosia, within Purgatory, all 2500 years ago.   Useful links for you:   The entire history of Synthacrosia   Characters within the tower

Table of Contents


  • Map of 4th Floor

    4. The fourth floor's second name is unknown for now. The floor appears to consist entirely of one giant ocean. It's Nob's dream to make it up to this floor, to sail the open seas for the rest of his life.

  • Map of 3rd Floor

    3. The third floor. It's second name is currently unknown. It features a huge expanse of wastelands and desert, with ruins dotted across the lands. A small lake and forest resides in the middle of the floor.

  • Map of 2nd Floor

    2. The floor of Dexterity. Consists almost entirely of one massive forest. The center of the floor has a massive waterfall that comes from the sky, spilling cursed water at the heart of Weirborough . That water flows in an outward spiral through the floor, splitting off into two separate rivers, leading to Beachcastle and Tamworth .

  • Map of 1st Floor

    1. The map of the first floor, as rendered by Bero , after the party handed him Jaxton's hand drawn map. The personal map of Jaxton now belongs to Bero, and Those who would climb the tower of souls have this much nicer version to take with them on their travels.