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January 9th, 1999 CE

Created by

The tattered and faded diagram shows a vague cylindrical shape, split into 7 tiered sections. A small star at the bottom seems to indicate initial location. The label at the top remarks "Synthacrosia".

Something about Synthacrosia seems artificial, and strange. There are many clockwork servants, and so many different kinds of people. The people look like they’re all from different eras, and different parts of the world. Newcomers to this strange area find themselves herded through a serene landscape by mindless clockwork servants.   Before long, the rolling green hills and the impossibly blue sky meet, at a junction that can only be seen as a wall. Through the door, through "processing", and out into the dark expanse of the first floor is where new souls find themselves. The floor is massive, with the ceiling only barely visible -- the walls are too far away to see. The air smells of rust, giant gears laboriously turn for unknowable mechanisms, and a strange half dark half light fills the area.

Welcome to Synthacrosia, the great tower of purgatory.


  • Map of First Floor

    This is the personal map of the man known as Jaxton. After a brief altercation outside the coalescence dome, Jaxton fled, leaving behind this hand-drawn map.