The creator that is no more


I didn't mean for it to go like this, in the end. I never wanted to do all those things I needed to do to get here. I always knew they'd come back to haunt me... and here we are at the finale of my work, and I'm left with nought but regret.
— Musings of Locorin, unknown page.

Divine Domains


Mental characteristics

Personal history

Not much is known about the elusive gnome anymore. He used to be quite personable, traveling up and down the tower, meeting new arrivals. He was quite liked. But just 30 years into Synthacrosia's initial years, he disappeared.   At the end of his life, Locorin was found trapped and injured in a small shack at the center of Floor 3. Here Those who would climb the tower of souls found him, and heard his story. Here Locorin gave his gifts , and then vanished from reality.   Feared an entity he called "The Dark One" who had supposedly corrupted Jaxton . This so called "Dark One" was seemingly attempting to wrestle control of Synthacrosia away from Locorin.


High educated, many thousands of years ago.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Built Synthacrosia.   Possibly gained the power of a god; seemingly was able to control time. Even in his last moments, he exuded a great power, freezing hundreds and thousands of insects in time, stopping their assault long enough for the party to approach the shack he resided in.

Failures & Embarrassments

Betrayed someone named Naeldreg ; a partner? A close friend?

Intellectual Characteristics




Ex-Ally (Important)

Towards Yamaraj




Ex-Ally (Important)

Towards Locorin




In the earliest days of time before time, before Synthacrosia had even begun construction. During the time when Purgatory had it's own ruler, and Locorin was but another soul within it, a deal was made.   Rules feel, and the fabric of unreality was remade into Locorin's wishes. Yamaraj, the dark one, was cast out, and seeks to regain control if what she feels is rightfully hers; dominion over Purgatory.

Divine Classification
Current Location
0 BcA 2000 AcA 2000 years old
Circumstances of Birth
The first to attempt to control purgatory. He built synthacrosia.
Circumstances of Death
Stabbed through the abdomen with a planar disrupting dark energy spear. Warped and phased out of existance.
Deep, knowledgable, featuring a hardness to them not seen in most scholars
Sparse, light
3' 7"
52 lbs
Aligned Organization

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