Locorin's Final Words

A whisper, a wimper - a shout and a secret

In the center of floor 3, within the poison swamp known as Sanctuary , sits a small cabin. The cabin is built around the base of the stairway to floor 3, in the middle of a small pond of clear water.   When the party found the cabin, it showed signs of an obvious struggle. Dark scorch marks. Magical residue.   Slumped against the wall opposite the door was a man, small in stature. Pierced through his stomach was a black spear, radiating dark energy. Inscribed all across the spear was incomprehensible runes, anyone attempting to read them would find themselves confused, and in pain.   The wounded Gnome was suffering from some sort of magical affliction, seemingly born of the black spear. Parts of the gnome were growing and shrinking in place, warping in and out of reality. The gnome wasn't dead yet -- as the party entered the shack, he looked up.  
"It's... the dark one... y..." He began weakly. "She.. dark... she's got hold of me, he let her in, she had him do this to me..."
  His eyes wandered the room vacantly before focusing on the new arrivals to the shack.  
"You..."   "I've been watching you, you Vibrants , you glorious souls, you chasers of gods!"   "You're too late I'm afraid, I'm beyond saving. This tower I've created has caused my death to delay, but I could not stop it. Not even with my power."
  Gasps were heard from a few of the party members. A hushed whisper came from from Opal. "It's... it's Locorin!"  
"But maybe... maybe I can help you help yourselves."   "And all other souls who have and have not existed..."
  Locorin's eyes unfocused, as his gaze drifted around the room, as if he was looking at a different scene than what existed in front of him. The injured Gnome continued to phase and warp in place.   Worry crossed everyone's faces, along with confusion on a couple others.   "Tiddles knew the most about Locorin when we first arrived in Synthacrosia" Offered Opal.   Tiddles looked to Lisk, Ryder, and Naro. "He's the one who made Synthacrosia. An incredibly reclusive figure, hardly anything is known about him or his past."   While the party debated about how to help, Locorin began rambling. Slowly at first, but then more feverishly.  
"Forgive me, Naeldreg , but I was just so scared..."   "What we were doing was just so dangerous... it had never been done before, what was I to do? SHE WAS AND IS A GOD AND WE WERE JUST MERE MORTALS!"
A quiet murmur rose from the injured gnome. "but then we were gods too..."
  ...   Some time passed, before Locorin's eyes again focused.  
"You, I've been watching you! Glorious Vibrants."
  He shook his head, clearing his thoughts.  
"I dont have much time, as my mind has been warped, and parts of it are phasing in and out of this and many other realms."   "Your foe, the one you've been following, I think his mind has been tainted. It's a long story, but there's a being, a god, The Dark One, she wishes to take control of my beloved tower... Your foe has been granted a boon from her. He can ignore the checks and balances I've built into this tower, by manipulating the clockwork. He was the one who attacked me."
  Pained breathing came from Locorin.  
"I've been working against the dark one, modifying the tower and floors... The journey will teach you what I cannot, with my limited time... At the top of the tower, in the Starstone Architrave , lay the power to stop him..."   "he... "   "the mortal..."   "a god?"
  Locorin's eyes became unfocused again, and his next words came quickly and quietly.  
"Mortals are not meant to be gods it is too much power in my mind help me Naeldreg I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry"   "My friend how could you possibly betray me I'm sorry I'm sorry I had to I didn't trust you I didn't trust her I was so afraid of her of him of you of me of me of me..."   "Of me of me of me of me..."
  Panic gripped Locorin. His eyes focused again, razor sharp. He looked at the nearest person, at Tiddles standing in front of him.  
"YOU HAVE TO STOP HIM, YOU MUST REACH THE STARSTONE ARCHITRAVE FIRST, OR BE PREPARED TO DEAL WITH HIM IF HE BEATS YOU THERE"   "Do not let the dark one win... She will use her pawn and the clockwork to slow you down as much as she can... In all the years of operation... you Vibrant are the only souls to bring me hope... I've told you all I can, but maybe these things will help..."
  Locorin waved his hand, and dust beside him rapidly began forming into 7 fine wooden boxes. The boxes transitioned from dust, to rotten wood, and finally to pristine condition -- as if they de-aged rapidly. Before the party was Locorin's Gifts to them, to help them ascend.   As the final box appeared, Locorin writhed in pain.  
"SHE HAS ME. I CAN FEEL IT."   "You know what you need to do! Go, I have hidden a small workshop on floor five, within the winding halls of castle Dreg. Go there, and find my workshop. Only those who have been through the earlier floors can find my workshop."   "I've installed a few incorruptible clockwork servants on floor 4, they will tell you more about my work shop... They will help... they will..."   "They will..."
  The injured Gnome began to warp, shrinking, growing, twisting, vanishing, until nothing was left.   No Soul Coin remained behind. All that was left of the creator of Synthacrosia was his memory, and his gifts.   A sudden lurching in time occurred as Locorin vanished. What had previously been frozen was now in motion again. The hoard approached, as the party looked at each other.


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