Stark contrast to the empty expanse of sand around it


This area is loaded with wet marshland and swampland. Large parts of it are covered in expansive bodies of water, somewhat paradoxically set against the backdrop of harsh dry desert.   For the most part, the water in sanctuary is incredibly cursed. The water comes from the clouds around the stairway up to floor 4; it coalesces into rain clouds, and falls on the marshland. Here it is tainted by the trees and dirt. Noxious blue and purple gas rises from the cursed water and swamplands, spreading out into the desert.   Near the middle of the swampland is a massive whirlpool, funneling the water downards to The Floor of Dexterity . From the center of the whirlpool comes the largest source of the poison and cursed gas, floating upwards and outwards.

Fauna & Flora

Sanctuary is home to hundreds of millions of insects; some larger than a human, some in swarms numbering in the thousands. Rumour has it that a massive armored insect, many times bigger than an average human, makes its home within the swamp.   The insects live among the low hanging trees, and short shrubbery.

Alternative Name(s)
The Center Swamp
Wetland / Swamp
Location under
The Floor of Health
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