The Floor of Health

Beware that which you can not see


Floor three, the Floor of Health, consists largely of one massive desert. Scattered through this desert is small ruins, caves, and the occasional oasis. It is unclear if the floor used to be anything other than a desert. Were the ruins actual homes before?

Fauna & Flora

Clockwork Scorpion , Giant Emperor Scorpions , possibly dragons, possibly sand worms. Many giant monsters and animals prowl the sandy expanse of floor 3.   Dunes are broken up by small outcroppings of varied species of cacti.

Natural Resources

The main natural resources to be found on floor 3 are the varied abundance of magical items to be found within the ruins. This supports the claim that Floor 3 once housed a vibrant and lively population of people, who created or maintained all of these magic goods.   Export of these so called "natural resources" is completed by explorers from bordering floors ascending/descending to the floor, and embarking on expeditions into the desert to lay claim to whatever artifacts they may find.


  • Map of 3rd Floor

    3. The third floor. It's second name is currently unknown. It features a huge expanse of wastelands and desert, with ruins dotted across the lands. A small lake and forest resides in the middle of the floor.

Alternative Name(s)
Floor 3
Characters in Location
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