The Floor of Dexterity


The floor of dexterity is covered almost entirely by forest. The middle of the floor contains a small lake, with a ruined keep in the center of it. Cascading down on top of the keep is a massive waterfall from the sky, The Spill . This fills the lake, and around the lake is the village of Weirborough . Out of that lake flows The Spillway .   The water in the spill, and the spillway, is cursed. For whatever reason, wherever the Spill comes from, it's a cursed location. The resulting river is unsafe to go in.   Following the cursed river down stream, one reaches The Split . At this point, the river splits off into Northrun River , leading to Beachcastle , and Westbank River , which leads down to Tamworth .   The rest of the floor is full of an incredibly dense forest, with some rocky outcroppings. Not much is known about these forests.


  • Map of 2nd Floor

    2. The floor of Dexterity. Consists almost entirely of one massive forest. The center of the floor has a massive waterfall that comes from the sky, spilling cursed water at the heart of Weirborough . That water flows in an outward spiral through the floor, splitting off into two separate rivers, leading to Beachcastle and Tamworth .

Alternative Name(s)
Floor 2
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