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a reflection of their soul



Occasionally, generally one in every thousand souls lucky enough to be processed instead of harvested, turns out to be someone special.   For some reason, the Processing Unit reading the individuals life history detects something special. Perhaps it's the total summation of that persons entire life worth. Maybe they excelled in University, top of their class every single year. Maybe during their life the managed one incredible good deed, perhaps saving someone by sacrificing themselves. Whatever the reason, during Processing, the soul is marked as extraordinary; marked as a Vibrant



Each Vibrant follows whatever purpose they so choose. Their Crystalline Power Bracelet Device grants them great ability to chase any task or any goal. Often times the only ones who are able to stand in their way are other Vibrants.

Social Status

Varied. Often will use their power to work their way into positions of power. Anything from Mayors to Hermits.


One in every thousand people processed is a Vibrant. Less exist overall, as the clockwork have a kill-directive related to all Vibrants.



Each Vibrant is easily marked by their single greatest tool, their Crystalline Power Bracelet Device , which glows bright vibrant colours on their dominant wrist.
Vivid Bracelet
Alternative Names
Powered Souls
All Clockwork have a kill-directive related to Vibrants. If a clockwork construct detects or notices the vibrant hues of a powered crystalline bracelet, it will attempt to incapacitate and kill.
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