Crystalline Power Bracelet Device

marked as processed

Physical Characteristics

Varying in size to fit each person's wrist, these bracelets are made of Soulglass , with incredible hardness. The crystal bracelet is translucent.   Every soul processed has one. The bracelets are unique to each individual, and come in varying dull shades of colours, occasionally mixing two or more colours.  

The Vibrant Bracelets

Not long after processing began, individuals began appearing throughout The Floor of Strength with incredibly vibrant bracelets wrapped around their wrists. Known as Vibrants , these individuals appeared to be much more powerful than the common folk, and the bracelets even seemed to enhance their abilities further.   These vibrant bracelets were once again even more unique via the addition of coin slots on them, allowing them to push the boundaries of power even more when a soul coin would be slotted into it.   Users of these vibrant bracelets rarely spoke of how they came to acquire them, but rumour has it that it happens to special strong souls during processing. They say that the clockwork servants overseeing processing attempt to kill the special souls, but are often not strong enough.
Basic Bracelet
It is unknown where this technology came from. Appearing at the turn of the Current Era, during the Clockwork Awakening, the processing of souls began.   One single Processing Unit was installed just outside of the Coalescent Dome. This machine, when a soul would insert their arm into it, would read that persons entire history and decide if the soul was to be processed or harvested. If it chose harvest, it would clamp down and hold onto the arm while the nearby clockwork would slaughter the individual.   If it chose processing for the individual, it would form a Crystalline Power Bracelet around the individuals wrist, thereby marking them as processed.
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