Processing Unit

come, be judged, and find if you lived a good life

Purpose and Design

This device contains a slot just wide enough to fit in a humanoids forearm. The aperture is capable of shrinking and enlarging to fit comfortably around any arm. The exterior of the machine is a dull brushed gray metal. Incomprehensible gears and tanks are attached to the walls beside this device.   Inside the aperture is a series of platforms, needle points, sensors, gears, and more. When an individuals arm is placed inside the machine, it very gently closes around the appendage. It holds the person firmly in place, but causes no pain or damage.   Once it has the soul's arm inside the machine, it begins taking readings. The actual mechanical workings behind the process are unknown, but somehow this machine is able to read the prior events of the soul's entire past life. Based on some mysterious grading scale, it will then assign a Crystalline Power Bracelet Device to them by clamping it around their wrist. Some lucky few are judged to be exceptional, and a Vibrant bracelet is placed on them, filling them with power.  


As of the current era, Those who would climb the tower of souls have only found three other revisions., a Processing Unit Mk.2 ., Located in Level 1 Interstitial . One, possible more, on The Floor of Health , that grant stat bonuses. And one in the Level 3 Interstitial , granting the power of resurrection, the Processing Unit Mk.??? .


This device stands 10' tall, and is about 7' wide. Its depth is unknown, as the back of it stretches deep into the wall it's mounted to.  


Unknown. Mounted to a wall.  

Operable by

Clockwork Servant  

Known locations

Exterior room within the Coalescent Dome

Cover image: by Stormbril


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