Level 1 Interstitial

Certain beings know the way, while the rest must search


It's hallways are barren and metal, and only 5' across. The entire area follows haphazard construction, with hallways ending in dead ends, and double doors that lead to seemingly nowhere.   The confusing hallways are broken up by series of rooms, large and small. Contained within the rooms are desks, work stations, clockwork, and bizarre machinery.

Fauna & Flora

These hallways are home to many different kinds of clockwork. While they used to patrol, in the current era most of them are on standby mode.

Natural Resources

The hallways are full of chests. A variety of chests. For whatever reason, these chests are full of giant silver keys, and map fragments. Below is a collection of map fragments found by the party on their journey.  
North East
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north west
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Obscured map piece

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South East
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south west
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Alternative Name(s)
Level 1.5, the space between floors, Intermission
Cave System
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