Center Chamber

Beyond the locked doors

Purpose / Function

This room serves two purposes:   - An actual access point to Floor 2   - Control for the various machinery within the interstitial space   Along with those two purposes, a variety of schematics are found on the walls of this room.


The walls are much older in the central room, compared to the rest of Level 1 Interstitial . Where the outside rooms are brushed metal, or rough stone, the walls of the interior chamber are made of old cobbled stone and brick.   The central chamber has a ceiling twice as tall as the hallways outside as well. The ceiling arches slightly to the middle, where a staircase made of stone climbs upwards.


Four entries into this room, with one staircase as an exit upwards.   North door:   - Open. Features The Talking Door Handle as the lock. The door handle must repeat the password to unlock the door. However the door handle has a personality fitting a prankster, and often times refuses to cooperate.   East door:  
  • Locked. Features 6 crystal spheres that match the state of the Enhancement Stations . When all 6 enhancement stations are on, all 6 crystal spheres on the door are glowing blue, with a spiral pattern. Once all 6 stations are used up/turned off, all crystal spheres will go out, and the door will open.
  • South door:  
  • Locked. Features a schematic of a hole, with a clockwork man inside it. Next to the clockwork man is 3 arrows in a circular shape.
  • West door:  
  • Locked. Features a schematic of 4 gears; 2 large, and 2 small. Under the schematic is an imprint of 2 humanoid hands.
  • Stairs:   - Stone. Heavy, and large. Look to extend upwards quite some distance.

    Contents & Furnishings

    Features schematics and information relating to the floors of the tower, and its creation.


    Information is the greatest treasure in this room.


    Some time after its initial creation, this room was outfitted with 4 locked doors. Over time, instead of just normal locks, the doors were again retrofitted with newer magical and mechanical locks.
    Alternative Names
    Floor 1 control
    Parent Location
    Connected Rooms

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