Enhancement Stations

the blue light begins to rapidly spin about you


Located in the center of the platform is a spot to stand. Next to that is a raised podium, with a slot for a soul coin. When a Soul Coin is placed in the slot, the machine will infuse the user with great energy and power, enhancing them slightly, but permanently (In game: it's a permanent +1 to one of your stats)
Parent Technologies
Access & Availability
Extremely rare to find. In fact, only 6 stations are currently known of by Those who would climb the tower of souls -- and one of them is malfunctioning and exploded. Two of the stations have been use, and are now in a dormant, no-power state. There are 3 remaining in working, powered condition.
Appearing some time after the First Soul Coin Terminal appeared. It is unknown who built these machines, or why, only that they were added to the tower many years after its initial construction.

Cover image: by Stormbril


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