Processing Unit Mk.2

Purpose and Design

Extremely similar in design to a Processing Unit . It's about the same height and width, and also similarly stretches deep into the wall it's mounted to.   Where this one differs is it's colour -- instead of a dull brushed gray metal, this unit is dull brass.   This unit also simpler in it's design and construction compared to the original version. Lacking the strange assortment of tanks and gears on the outside, most of this machines mechanics reside on the inside of it.   Due to it's simplicity, a Processing Unit Mk.2 does not deploy new bracelets. Instead, it serves as a resetting station -- it will wipe the power from any Vibrant bracelet, and seed in a new power that will grow over the course of the next day or two.


This device stands 10' tall, and is about 7' wide. Its depth is unknown, as the back of it stretches deep into the wall it's mounted to.  


Unknown. Mounted to a wall.  

Operable by


Known locations

Located in one of the southern rooms of Level 1 Interstitial


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