Coalescent Dome

death is the beginning

Purpose / Function

Synthacrosia has one location where new souls arrive. A soul is anything that was living in the material plane, that died. All of those appear directly in the center of this dome, on the first floor of the Tower of Souls.   The dome houses a large and serene landscape, intended to ease the transition from life to living death. Also inside is a series of corridors, housing therapeutic chambers to also help with the processes.


In the days since the era of decline, most rooms have gone unused or even been destroyed -- all that remains is the processing chamber, where souls are either marked with a bracelet and sent out into the floor, or harvested.


The dome its self is made out of an off-white, incredibly hard stone material. The dome is massive, approximately 2 kilometers across. The inside of the dome is painted vivid blue with patches of white -- simulating a welcoming sunny sky.   The floor of the dome is made up of rolling green hills. Occasional trees dot the landscape, and the air is warm with a light wind. The middle of the dome features a small pond, with a small island.


Popular mythology states that, before he disappeared, Locorin would frequently visit this dome. It was apparently his favourite location, and he'd often spend hours just sitting on the grass watching the new arrivals explore.

Alternative Names
Fresh meat, as marked by Jaxton
Transportation hub
Parent Location
The Floor of Strength
Related Report (Primary Locations)

Cover image: by Stormbril


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