The Floor of Strength

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The floor of strength is what is known as the first floor of Synthacrosia. In each of the 4 corners of the floor, a massive tower rises up to meet the ceiling; the four great stairs.   To the north, slightly west, is the great plateau. A mining camp is shielded to the south of it, and a large walled city makes it's home on the eastern cliffs of the plateau.   The very middle of the floor houses a massive dome. It's made out of light gray stone, and it's situated on top of a small set of hills and cliffs. Rockslides litter the landscape around the dome. On the interior, the dome is painted bright blue to simulate sky, and it's filled with an artificial brightness. Rolling green hills fill the dome, and at the center of the dome is a small pond with a small island -- this is the location that new souls arrive after their death in the real world.   To the south east of floor 1, a massive jagged chasm tears across the landscape. Heat and light glow out of the bottom of it, as it's unfathomable depths are filled with lava.

Fauna & Flora

Any and all souls find their way here. If it can die, it's likely shown up in Synthacrosia. Special care is given to intelligent souls, as they are brought through processing.


  • Map of 1st Floor
    1. The map of the first floor, as rendered by Bero , after the party handed him Jaxton's hand drawn map. The personal map of Jaxton now belongs to Bero, and Those who would climb the tower of souls have this much nicer version to take with them on their travels.
Alternative Name(s)
Level 1
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