Great Plateau


This massive 10km X 6km Plateau takes up most of the northern section of The Floor of Strength . Housed along its southern and eastern cliffs are a few settlements; a Mining Camp , a Mine , and a secured walled city .   While the southern and eastern edges of the plateau are sheer cliffs, the northern and western sides are gently sloping, allowing for easy climbing.

Fauna & Flora

Goblins and humans make their homes using the giant cliffs as a safe haven, another wall.

Natural Resources

The cliffs are made of stone, with large deposits of quartz. Deep inside the plateau, its core is made out of solid brass, and an unknown material resembling metal. Attempts to dig farther into this core have so far been unsuccessful.

Alternative Name(s)
North/NorthWest Outcropping
Location under
The Floor of Strength


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