The Ifrit in the Tavern

The Honorable Daraj

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Tall and lean, packed with wiry muscle.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Daraj lived his life as a hero to all. Until the end of his life, where a series of wrong choices doomed him and everyone around him. In death, Daraj wanted only one thing, finality. Yet he awoke in Synthacrosia, living a second life he did not earn. Still bound by his oath of honor, he had to find a worthy opponent to duel him and defeat him in honorable combat.


Before his death, Daraj studied martial arts, law, psychology and sociology.


Daraj was unemployed throughout his life, and his death, instead living as a vigilante, stopping and preventing crime.

Failures & Embarrassments

Pride got to Daraj, leading him to make a series of wrong choices. Those choices cost him his family, friends, status, and finally his life.

Personality Characteristics


In his previous life, felt an innate desire to help any and all who deserved it. Always fought with honor. In death, his only motivation was to die a true honorable death.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Played a magic lute.

Lawful Good
Current Location
Beyond purgatory
1902 AcA 1999 AcA 97 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Arrived in Synthacrosia after a series of wrong choices doomed himself and everything he loved.
Circumstances of Death
Finally experienced his honorable death at the hands of Rusticus
Fierce, red
bright orange, tied up in a top knot
6' 4"
160 lbs

Cover image: by Stormbril
Character Portrait image: by Brandon Chang


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