Processing Unit Mk.???

A chance at a second resurrection.

Purpose and Design

  The machine is similar to previous soul coin machines, with a few small differences. First, the slot you place your bracelet wrist into is lined with sharp spikes. The spikes are hollow, and have tubes extending out of the back of them, into the depths of the machine.   Second, there is no soul coin slot on the machine. Whatever payment is required comes from within your own body.   If you should place your bracelet wrist inside the machine, the spikes will stab into your forearm, locking you in place. It will immediately begin draining blood and essence from your arm.   You will be reduced to 1 HP remaining, and take on 1 permanent negative level (-1 penalty on all ability checks, attack rolls, combat maneuver checks, Combat Maneuver Defense, saving throws, and skill checks. In addition, the creature reduces its current and total hit points by 5 for each negative level it possesses)   This will cause you to pass out.   When you wake up, your bracelet ability has been overwritten, and its colour has changed. Your bracelet will now glow the purest white you have ever seen.   Pure White bracelet ability: No latent ability. Powered ability: Should one of your allies fall in battle, you may place their soul coin into their bracelet. This is a one time, irreversible process. Your bracelet will glow blindingly bright, and your current HP (not max) will be reduced by half. Your bracelet will crack, and then lose all lustre, becoming a dull gray unpowered bracelet, with a savage crack through it. The only thing your bracelet will be good for at this moment will be allowing you to vanish back into the confines of the bracelet when need be.   Your ally, however, will be revived. They will gain whatever HP you lost. They will come back to life with 1 temporary (24 hours) negative level. Everything else, their equipment, their bracelet, their exp total, will be the same as before they died.
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