Ryder Kabaleyro

Along for the journey, uncovering mysteries

Ryder Kabaleyro

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Small and slight, Ryder prefers to stay back from physical altercations. He relies on his friend Kir.

Body Features

Dark skin, small frame.

Special abilities

Capable of summoning a large man in a suit of armor, wielding a massive greatsword. Granted great magical power as well.

Apparel & Accessories

Ryder used to wear a high quality red robe. The robe had unfortunately seen many years, and was starting to show its age. A bold label is emblazoned across the chest, but is too faded to read at this point.   Thanks to a gift from Locorin , Ryder and Kir were both outfitted in brand new black robes, with bright gold trim. The robes, known as Anchorplace Robes , granted the pair new abilities as well.

Specialized Equipment

Has a notebook and charcoal where he records his adventures, and takes notes on cults. May or may not be the Grimoire of Ash , which is thought to have been Expunged in the timeline Ryder comes from.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ryder's past is a closely guarded secret, held by The Occult Society . His birth place and birth parents have been redacted from the records.   What is known is that Ryder was raised within the Society from a very young age. Other members of the Society, known as Exalted within the organization, took a liking to the young Ryder. They told him old stories of missions to collect or destroy powerful artifacts, across the world and across the planes.   Eventually, one such powerful artifact chose Ryder, and bound its self to him. Ryder found himself suddenly in possession of the Grimoire of Ash . This artifact granted Ryder fantastic magical powers, and enabled him to be chosen as an Exalted, just as he's always wished.   Only three records exist of Ryder's time as an Exalted.   Exalted Record Day 315,111 of the Chain   Exalted Record Day 317,020 of the Chain   Exalted Record Day 318,117 of the Chain


Educated in the ways of the Occult Society. Introduced to combat and magic at a young age, as well as the powers of artifacts. After being granted magic power via the Grimoire of Ash, taught to control it by high ranking Exalted


A self published cult researcher was his cover story. In reality, Ryder worked as an Exalted, hunting down artifacts, often to be found within or worshiped by cults.

Accomplishments & Achievements

has an innate natural talent for lockpicking, much to Tiddles' dismay. Less talented at rock climbing.   Showed true compassion towards his companions by caring for them during a drug-cactus fueled trip down memory lane

Failures & Embarrassments

got hard stuck in a land slide   Had a bad time with thorns and sharp rocks   Died a second time. Crisped by a fireball, reduced to ash by the second one. Was luckily brought back to life by Xora

Mental Trauma

Has lost most of his early memories of life, having them consumed by the Grimoire of Ash. This causes Ryder a bit of anguish, and gives some instability to him.   Should he focus on new memories and new companions, Ryder is able to function normally. Any past companionships and loyalties are subject to corruption and dissolution however.

Intellectual Characteristics

Logical. Looks at situations through a researchers eye, examining the scene before him. Plans things out.

Morality & Philosophy

Keeps his morality and philosophy close to his chest. Secretive.

Personality Characteristics


To watch and record, to explore and understand. Ryder's previous goals in life were to collect, detain, protect, and destroy artifacts, as his masters decreed. This philosophy has mostly carried over into Synthacrosia.   Now, Ryder chooses to protect his companions, detain his enemies, destroy the corrupt clockwork, and continue to collect artifacts. No longer bound by the Occult Society's "1 artifact per Exalted" rule, Ryder is now able to collect as many powerful magic artifacts as he can.


Social Aptitude

Easy going and friendly. Interviews people.
Year of Birth
1999 AcA 1 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Appeared in Synthacrosia long ago; remained in his bracelet form for many years
Circumstances of Death
Hunted down and expunged by the Occult Society
Current Residence
Short, black
5' 10"
160 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
*head nod*
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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