The Occult Society

Detain, protect, store and destroy


Wanderers of the Path

The leaders of the Occult Society. The choosers, the deciders, the ones with the overarching goals and plans. Versed in the traditions of the ancients, the Wanderers carry on the old ways, searching for and seeking out artifacts.   The Wanderers are the top of the chain of command within The Occult Society. They choose targets, and dictate rank below them. They choose who may become the Exalted.  


Travelers, seekers, hunters. This group is hand picked by the Wanderers, and only the best and most qualified may be chosen. The Exalted travel the planes and visit foreign realms in search of powerful artifacts to "recover" for The Occult Society.   Exalted are granted artifacts to assist them in their endeavors. These artifacts are always of the Used classification, and are safe to use. Exalted use these artifacts to seek out and secure yet more artifacts, further bolstering the supply of mystic items within the Occult Society.

Public Agenda

To search, to seek. To continue along the everlasting journey of discovery and collection. We must save the world from its self, from the dangers that lay within. For above all else, only we may wield the power located within these artifacts.
— Margrave Ingrannus, Wanderer of the Path


Artifact Classification System

The most safe of the artifacts. These items are deemed to be safe to use, and are the main tools of the Exalted. Artifacts of the Used classification are found to be entirely safe, with zero potential to cause cataclysmic, or world altering events.   Notable artifacts of the Used classification:
  • Scepter of the seven wise men
  • Book of many
  • Occultists pocket watch
  • Bag of Misfortune
  • Storage
    These artifacts are found to be a higher risk than the Used artifacts. Under the use of "Everyday people", these artifacts are generally safe. However, if someone with knowledge of artifacts got their hands on these items, they could use that knowledge to create potentially devastating effects and events.   These artifacts, once discovered, are often the key items that the Exalted hunt for. Once found, the Exalted bring the artifacts back, and hand them over to the Wanderers. Then, the artifacts are stored within the Library, a location sacred to the Occult Society. Only Wanderers of the Path may enter the Library.   Notable artifacts of the Storage classification:
  • Dias of hope and despair
  • Infinite Egg
  • Glasses of true sight
  • The broken mirror
    High risk. Can effortlessly destroy or alter life as it is known. These artifacts have a standing order of "destroy on sight", at any cost. If the artifact is unable to be Expunged, it must be recovered, and stored within the deepest, safest confines of the Library.   The Wanderers of the Path keep the names of any Expunged artifacts secret. Only the highest ranking Exalted are sent on missions to destroy or recover these artifacts.   Notable artifacts of the Expunged classification:
  • Grimoire of Ash
  • The Heart of Ice
  • No other EXPUNGED artifacts are known. The Society has kept most, if not all, secret.


    The Occult Society's history is a carefully kept secret. Any and all records are sacred to the Society, visible only to the Exalted whom the records are about, and the Wanderers of the Path who look over all.   Only fragments of documents have been found relating to the organization. Much of it has been redacted, however. The only three known records are located below.   Exalted Record Day 315,111 of the Chain   Exalted Record Day 317,020 of the Chain   Exalted Record Day 318,117 of the Chain

    Mythology & Lore

    The Occult Society follows the mythos of the artifice -- the artifacts them selves have put the Society in charge of the artifacts. This is known as the infinite chain of command.   The infinite chain of command decrees that the Occult Society must seek and maintain any and all powerful artifacts found within the planes. These artifacts are to be sorted, stored, and destroyed as seen fit.

    Divine Origins

    Legend has it that a hermit, or a wanderer, many years ago found an artifact on his travels. The path he took was a long, hard path, and he did not live an easy life.   Thus, when he found this "artifact", and it spoke to him, his life was changed. The artifact he found was a simple metal chain, looped upon its self. Contrasting light and darkness radiated out of it. Meaning was suddenly thrust upon him. He became the first Wanderer of the Path, and founded the Occult Society.

    We are the saviors of all, the keepers of artifice, followers of the Infinite Chain of Command.

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