Exalted Record Day 318,117 of the Chain

Records taken to be true as decreed by the Infinite Chain of Command of The Occult Society   ████ ██████ ██████████████ ████  

Ryder Kabaleyro and ██  
Additional Target:
Grimoire of Ash   Target Ryder Kabaleyro has been found to be in possession of two BOUND artifacts, one of USED classification, one of EXPUNGED classification. Mission is to intercept and ████ while retaining ████. If ████ is unable to be retained, it is to be ████  
We're just finding out about the damage this has been doing to him NOW? He's had the book for what, years, and NOW we're learning it's been slowly cannibalizing his early memories? This is a failure in ██████ that has rarely been seen.   Wait, hold on, someone is here. Holy shit, isn't that ████? I thought he died on the mission we sent him and Ryder on, on Exalted Record Day 317,020 of the Chain ? He looks hurt, let him in, let him in.
— Recordings between two high ranking Wanderers of the Path
  Decree from the Infinite Chain of Command: Exalted may only ever be in possession of one artifact. Bound artifacts are to be treated with extreme caution. Possession of two artifacts is prohibited, and grounds for EXPUNGING.  
██████████████ ████ ██ then ████ ████ ████, ████████ ███. ████ and .   Note;
I just got finished talking to ████. There's not much left in ██ ██████, but he did tell us what happened the day Ryder came back from that mission alone. Ryder is a lost cause. "KIR", as he's called, is to be EXPUNGED. The book Ryder has is to be EXPUNGED. We need to be more careful, an Exalted should never have had these kinds of artifacts.   What?   No no, not like that.   The order is important here. If you ████ first, then ██ will likely become unstable and ███ ████.
— Recordings between two high ranking Wanderers of the Path
Mission to be carried out by elite Exalted Squad 17, in secret. Send Ryder out on a falsified solo mission before hand to recover a fake "STORAGE" artifact located in ████████. Wait 1 day for Ryder to get a head start. Send in Squad 17 afterwards.   Have them use ██████ and ████████ to ███ the area. Make sure ████████ ███. Above all else, do NOT ████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████  
Interview with the sole survivor of Squad 17:
It...   Shit.   It. They. He. They're all dead.   Listen, I don't know what the Infinite Chain of Command wanted out of this, but from my point of view, the only thing we accomplished here was destruction. What about the protect and store part of our creed? Do you know how many innocent people just died?   Fuck it.   What?   Oh, right.   Yeah so we found Ryder. I think he had caught wind of your plan. Probably that damn book whispering to him. He was sitting outside town. He's a good kid, I think, in his heart. Didn't want to have anyone caught in the crossfire. Just wanted to talk.   But...   We had our mission. And ██████, the cocky asshole, thought he had a different mission I guess. He ignored the orders to subdue. I think he thought the caution about "KIR" was overblown. So he opens his pouch, and takes out -- yeah, that's the one. He takes out his ██, which by the way I think might need a reclassification, should we find it again. He takes out ██, points it at Ryder, and boom, Ryder is dead. Just like that.   The next few moments felt like ages. I turned to yell at ██████. As I turned, out of the corner of my eye, I see this red spray. Before I can get the words out, another red spray erupts. I'm looking at ██████ and I can see the fear in his eyes, the recognition. He knows he fucked up. He knows that the caution was warranted. "KIR" had gone ballistic, and was killing everything in sight. He pointed ██ at "KIR", but it had no effect on the armored monstrosity.   I...   I'm ashamed to say this, but I ran. You know my specialty. You know what my artifact does. I triggered it, ran, and hid. Since I was ██████████ I was able to watch. I watched as "KIR" killed every single member of 17.   They were my friends, you know? We dont really meet many people outside of the Society. They were the closest people to me.   Their blood wasn't even cold yet, when I saw "KIR" turn. I shuddered as it started walking away. Taking a direct path to the nearest village.
— Survivor of Squad 17

Emergency alert from the Infinite Chain of Command:

  Gather Exalted Squad 3, 5, and 29. Grant them use of STORAGE artifacts ██████, ████, Glasses of True Sight, and ████████████████.   Destroy "KIR". Detain any witnesses. Clean this mess up.


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