Grimoire of Ash

Records taken to be true as decreed by the Infinite Chain of Command of The Occult Society   Classification: ██████ USED   Exalted in possession of artifact: Ryder Kabaleyro   Description of artifact and it's powers: The Grimoire of Ash is a semi-sentient book, parasitic in nature. The book will choose its own target, and fill its pages with the entire life history of its target. Memories, events, thoughts and feelings will be inscribed within the leather-bound pages of this tome.   Whomever has their life recorded within the Grimoire of Ash will find themselves gifted with the ability to use magic. The magic granted to them is artificial in nature, but very powerful, and tinged with a slight dark energy that ████████ ███████████.   Day to day events of the target, the targets thoughts, and the targets memories are continuously recorded within the Grimoire. The book will never run out of pages. Instead, after a certain amount of pages have been filled, the book will consume earlier pages, effectively destroying the earliest life events and memories of the target. The target is unaware of this process, never noticing that the pages consumed from the books consumes their own memories as well.   This process continues until ███████████ ██████ ████ ███████████ and █████████.


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