Anchorplace Robes

Stylish AND functional

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Dark gray robes with fine gold trim along its edges, and a bold emblem emblazoned on its back. The robes feature many pockets.   This set of robes is made for a master and an eidolon. The two may switch spaces as a swift action, once every 1d3 rounds, given they are within 60' of each other. Switching places causes planar distortion between the two. Draw a line between the summoner and eidolon before switching places, anyone on that line must make a fort save DC = 10 + 1/2 Summoner Lvl + CHA or be dazed for 1 round.   The robes also help to anchor the eidolon to whatever plane its master is in -- if an effect would force the eidolon to desummon (spell, going to -1 hitpoints, curse etc), and go back to its original plane, the master may sacrifice one of it's "summon monster spell-like abilities" as a free action to have the eidolon remain for 1 round. If the master is unconscious, the eidolon may force the master to use this ability to remain for 1 round.


Incredibly personal and significant to whom the item was created for
boxed - APR.png
Unique item, made especially for Ryder Kabaleyro
1 lbs (smaller set) / 3 lbs (larger set)

Cover image: by Stormbril


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