waiting for the perfect time to strike


Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Strong and agile, able to pick her way through difficult areas with ease. Has a wicked strong throwing arm.

Specialized Equipment

Enchanted chakram that returns after every throw.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

A mysterious Ranger wielding a sword and chakram. Her version of Purgatory would feature fire and pain, so finding herself in a tower of clockwork and darkness causes her great confusion.   Little else is known about this cryptic elf. She has not been with the party for long, appearing briefly and becoming fast friends with Opal. While with the party, she showed incredible combat skills, and an even temperament.   However after a brief period exploring the level 1 interstitial space, she again disappeared into her bracelet.


Education level is unknown.


It is not apparant if Xora was employed or not.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Struck true 3 times in a row with a thrown chakram attack, ending 3 clockwork men via catastrophic failure.   Sacrificed the power of her Crystalline Power Bracelet Device , and nearly died, to revive Ryder Kabaleyro , after Ryder died. Seen as a hero for that fact.

Mental Trauma

Appears upset about this version of purgatory.

Morality & Philosophy

Inner morality and philosophy is hidden.

Personality Characteristics


Xora's motivations are her own, and she keeps them secret to herself. It is unknown what drives her.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes killing clockwork. The way the machines catastrophically enter shutdown mode, often exploding into showers of metal and gear, are quite satisfying to her.


Social Aptitude

Responds to idiocy with exasperation. Fast to become friends with similar thinkers.

Year of Birth
1999 AcA 1 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Coalesced at the same time as 4 others, in a rare simultaneous event.
Circumstances of Death
Unknown. Appeared in Synthacrosia long ago, has remained dormant in her bracelet for many years.
Current Residence
Aligned Organization
Vibrant Heroes

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