Naro Velis

Following the path laid out by Markus

Naro Velis (a.k.a. Markus)

Physical Description

Body Features

When combined with Markus, Naro's 2 arms quickly become 6 arms

Facial Features

Difficult to tell. Naro always wears his odd white mask, hiding his face.

Identifying Characteristics

Odd white mask with expressionless features. When merged with Markus additional arms form all of which seem to be much larger than Naro's normal arm. When not merged with Markus Naro is a fairly unassuming individual always wearing some form of body armor that covers him from head to toe.

Special abilities

Joins forms with his one true friend, the eidolon, Markus

Apparel & Accessories

Generally wearing a full body covering suit or armor.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Untrusting of reality, Naro only believes in his one closest friend, his Markus. Often confused by the course of events happening around him. Sometimes this brings Naro into a state of anger and frustration. Naro looks like a regular young human, until he merges with Markus, when he will then have 6 arms, and become a terrifying physical force.


Taught in his families community for years and eventually taught further by Markus

Accomplishments & Achievements

    • Found Markus
    • Crushed a mans skull with a six fisted attack
  • Fought one on one against a clockwork guardian, and slammed fists through solid brass
  • Failures & Embarrassments

    Everyone from his youth was lost, due to his own actions

    Mental Trauma

    Untrusting, deluded

    Morality & Philosophy

    Never one to kill for no reason, his only desire is to live freely following the path Markus guides him on. Tends to follow the mindset of the goddess Desna and if impeded in a way he see's unfair or in a way that goes against Markus' ideals he'll grow "confused" and lash out at the cause of his inability to continue.

    Personality Characteristics


    His only friend from his youth was created by a wish and betrayal. Now with everyone else from his youth lost to his own actions Naro follows his best friends guidance and the path he has set out for him.

    Likes & Dislikes

    Likes: Markus, exploring the surrounding world, Peaches.

    Dislikes: Being told he can't continue on his "planned" path. Drow elves. Large groups of people. Grapes.

    Chaotic Neutral
    Year of Birth
    1999 AcA 1 Years old
    Circumstances of Birth
    Died at age 30. Appeared in Synthacrosia long ago, but remained dormant in his bracelet for many many years.
    Pale Grey
    Hidden behind his mask and body suit
    5' 2"
    115 lbs
    Aligned Organization
    Vibrant Heroes
    Known Languages
    Elven, Common

    Cover image: by Stormbril


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