Zarish Lorn

Dont make him angry

Zarish Lorn

Mental characteristics

Personal history

A confused, angry middle aged arcanist. Kept his reasons for any action to himself while in Synthacrosia.   Rumored to have remembered every excruciating part of his death before arrival in purgatory, causing him great mental trauma, with a side effect of a general distrust in those around him. Still, he managed to lend aid to Opal , Jah Ithber , Tiddles the Partizan and Rusticus in escaping Processing .   He later adventured with Tiddles, Rusticus, and Opal a while longer, taking care of some goblin threats, before deciding he had had enough. Zarish retreated into his bracelet, and was never seen from again.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Zarish, while helping the other heroes, used massive ice spikes and fireballs to destroy his enemies.

Current Location
Beyond purgatory
1999 AcA 1999 AcA 0 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Coalesced at the same time as 4 others in a rare event
Circumstances of Death
Retreated into his bracelet, never to be seen again
Dark, angry
Messy and light brown
5' 11"
140 lbs
Aligned Organization
Vibrant Heroes

Cover image: by Stormbril


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