Tiddles the Partizan

Knowledge is the worlds greatest treasure. But magic items are neat too.

Tiddles (a.k.a. The Partizan)

Physical Description

Facial Features

Short cropped salt and pepper beard

Special abilities

Uses his shield to blast out auditory spells.

Specialized Equipment

Large round shield that he can rhythmically beat to create a driving sound of music. A magical Lyre of Building.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Knowledgable on many different subjects. Musical and friendly, the everman's everyman.   Tiddles lived his life as a bard and a musician. He would travel from city to city, tavern to tavern, earning his keep via entertaining the masses. He used these travels as his opportunity to grow as well. A bard knows all the secrets there are to know in a city. While singing for a fair maiden, he might slyly slip in some questions regarding the duke's nephew. While in a bar telling jokes, he might leave an ear open to listen to the table of dark strangers nearby. While walking through town, he might stop and ask the children what they've seen that day.   Through these things, Tiddles became knowledgeable of many different things. His knowledge, combined with his magic, allow him to find a use for himself in very nearly every situation.


Worked as a bard during his life. Entertained the masses.

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Was the first to realize that the party was already dead, and in purgatory
  • Lay the final blow on a fearsome goblin naga before succumbing to poison and passing out
  • Reduced a powerful cult leader to a sobbing, blubbering mess, with a single spell
  • Intellectual Characteristics

    Logical, Musical

    Personality Characteristics


    While his main motivation is hidden, on the surface Tiddles appears to want to help those around him, and fix whatever problems he sees infront of him.

    Savvies & Ineptitudes

    Great with anything musical. Will try to talk his way into anything and everything.


    Social Aptitude

    Extremely charismatic. Confident. Alarmingly persuasive, yet very easy-going. Will strike up a conversation with anyone he can.

    Year of Birth
    1999 AcA 1 Years old
    Circumstances of Birth
    Coalesced at the same time as 4 others, in a rare simultaneous event.
    Circumstances of Death
    The details are muddy. Drinks, entertainment, and table dancing were involved.
    Current Residence
    Dark, Jovial, Crinkly
    Short and gray, with a close cropped salt and pepper beard
    Aligned Organization
    Vibrant Heroes

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