Locorin's Gifts

The creator of this tower has been watching, and waiting

After finally meeting the person responsible for creating the tower they had come to reside in, the party is greeted with one more surprise. Locorin , before disappearing, gifts the party with 7 magical items.   He waves his hand, and the dust surrounding him appears to reverse in time, slowly, and then quickly, forming into 7 ornate wooden boxes. Each box has a label on it. Each label refers to one of the party members.   Locorin disappeared after that, leaving behind only his memory and his gifts.   What is known about Locorin:
Creators of the Tower of Souls
Organization | Apr 5, 2019
Character | Aug 20, 2019

The mysterious gnome who created the tower of souls

Locorin's Final Words
Generic article | Aug 20, 2019

An excerpt from "A chance meeting with the creator"

What Locorin accomplished when creating the tower: Historical

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