Ring of Betrayal / Ring of Forgiveness

Become one with warring ideals

Mechanics & Inner Workings

One of them is a plain wooden ring, a simple carving from light coloured oak. The other is an extremely polished black metal ring, entwined with a loop of copper hair. There is a note attached to them each; the black metal ring is the ring of betrayal, the wooden ring is the ring of forgiveness.  

Ring of Betrayal

Black Metal Ring with Copper Hair Loop: +2 to Attack, damage, and all saves. -1 to AC. Wearing this ring fills you with hurt and anger at what happened to you in your past life.  

Ring of Forgiveness

Wooden Ring: All healing potions/spells/effects give you twice the amount of HP. Wearing this ring fills you with acceptance in that you cannot change the past.   When both worn at the same time, you become full of a strange mix of hurt, anger, acceptance, and forgiveness. Your mind becomes ever so slightly more fragile -- you must succeed a WILL save (DC = 10 + ½ level) every time you take damage, or the emotional burden becomes too much for you, and you are overcome with the desire to remove the rings. However, when wearing both rings, you are also filled with a determination to do good by your party members. You gain 2 additional uses of Maker’s Jump per day, and can take 1 ally with you per jump. You also have an innate ability to locate your closest allies while wearing both rings.


Incredibly personal and significant to whom the item was created for

Boxed - RoB RoF.png
Item type
Current Holder
Naro Velis
Unique item, made especially for Naro Velis
negligible weight


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