Planar Tuning Fork

Now a part of her soul, able to be attuned as she wishes

Mechanics & Inner Workings

This 2' long metal rod is forked halfway down the shaft. The object can be attuned as a standard action to any ally, place, object or enemy. May only be attuned to one target at a time.   Attuned to an ally: May act on that person as if they were standing in front of her. Can cast touch spells, put things in pockets, or force feed potions at any distance. Must be within 5' of ally to attune the fork to them.   Attuned to place: As a full round action, may return to attuned location at any time. This acts as a one way journey, and may be blocked by magical warding in places. Only you, and what you are carrying, may be transported. Any living beings in contact with you simply lose contact as you vanish. Must be standing at/within the place to attune the fork to it.   Attuned to an object: May return that object into your possession as a standard action. Must be holding the item to attune the fork to it.   Attuned to an enemy: That enemy is afflicted with a new hex called Harrowed Warp. Must be able to see the enemy to attune the fork to it.  

Harrowed Warp:

When striking an afflicted enemy with a harrow card, the witch may teleport into the enemies location if she so chooses, dealing 1d6 damage and stunning the enemy for 1 round. If the enemy is the same size or smaller than the witch, they are violently thrust from their previous location, tossed 15' away. Roll 1d8 for which direction they fly, counting clockwise from the square above the enemy. Reflex save DC = 10 + 1/2 witch level, or the enemy is knocked prone from this.


Incredibly personal and significant to whom the item was created for

Boxed - PTF.png
Item type
Current Holder
Unique item, made especially for Opal
1 lbs
2' long, 2" diameter metal

Cover image: by Stormbril


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