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Tower of Souls

A Pathfinder 1e game In the world of Synthacrosia
Sept 2018 | Full
Who are you?    

Your characters are level 11, and any race is okay (clear race with DM first, as some abilities may need to be nerfed to balance with everyone). Your character has lived it’s normal life to whatever age it is, up until 2 weeks before the events of this campaign. During your life, you progressed up until level 8 in your class (any class is okay, no 3rd party), including buying any and all equipment with the money you’d have made by that level. You’re any alignment you want to be, but you’ve always been able to work together with people to achieve a common goal.


What happened during those 2 weeks you dont remember? You died. Fully, 100% not revived, you’re dead, and you dont remember that at all -- your character has no idea it’s dead. Write a backstory + how you died, and I’ll tie it into the campaign.


What is this place?


Welcome to Synthacrosia, the great tower of purgatory. When you first appear, you coalesce into existence with all of your equipment, but none of your money. Around you, the rest of the party appears as well. You see them appear at the same time. You all remember everything about your life, aside from the previous 2 weeks.     “But DM,” you say “that doesnt tell us anything about this world!”     More information about the world will be revealed as the campaign progresses. For now, everyone will start and appear next to a lone tree on a small island in a lake, in the middle of a huge grassy field, with what looks like a bright blue sky and a few clouds above.


What will you see here?


Something about Synthacrosia seems artificial, and strange. There are many clockwork servants (mindless, so think about that if you take mind-affecting spells), and so many different kinds of people. The people look like they’re all from different eras, and different parts of the world. What your character doesnt know, but you as a player should know, is that there’s no undead in this world (because it’s purgatory and everyone is already dead).     Enemies dont drop gold. There’s a new system I’ve made for buying items, and I think it should be simple and unique. So spend all of your character creation gold, as you wont have any in my world.


What is the story goal?

  Reach the top of Snythacrosia. Follow Jaxton, who is on his way upwards.

This story is told by



  • 2nd Floor
    2. The floor of Dexterity. Consists almost entirely of one massive forest. The center of the floor has a massive waterfall that comes from the sky, spilling cursed water at the heart of Weirborough . That water flows in an outward spiral through the floor, splitting off into two separate rivers, leading to Beachcastle and Tamworth .
  • 3rd Floor
    3. The third floor. It's second name is currently unknown. It features a huge expanse of wastelands and desert, with ruins dotted across the lands. A small lake and forest resides in the middle of the floor.
  • 4th Floor
    4. The fourth floor's second name is unknown for now. The floor appears to consist entirely of one giant ocean. It's Nob's dream to make it up to this floor, to sail the open seas for the rest of his life.
  • 1st Floor
    1. The map of the first floor, as rendered by Bero , after the party handed him Jaxton's hand drawn map. The personal map of Jaxton now belongs to Bero, and Those who would climb the tower of souls have this much nicer version to take with them on their travels.
Supporting Cast

Sessions Archive

31st Aug 2019

Session 21: The secrets of Wandermere

The party arrived at Wandermere, having been met at the docks by the incorruptible clockwork "C.A.R.E". They are soon about to be introduced to the city, possibly learning of its secrets, and its plans.

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18th Aug 2019

Session 20: Sailing Onwards

The party has had enough of the shark infested underwater ruins of Blackruins. They've got the map out, and they're deciding where to go next. Remembering Locorins words that there's an incorruptable clockwork servant on this floor to find and befriend, they decide to make their way to Wandermere, stopping at the Waves of Sommerson along the way.

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16th Jun 2019

Session 19: Onto Open Seas

Down to just three members, the party finishes researching floor 4. Opal, Naro, and Ryder head out into Blackridgepool to talk to some of the residents there, and find a boat. After a friendly visit to the Inn, the party gets a boat, and heads out into the ocean.

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2nd Jun 2019

Session 18: Blackridgepool

The party finishes off clearing the interstitial level between floors 3 and 4, finally defeating the carnivorous blob that was slowly dissolving their flesh. The unlock the stairs, and head up, entering the city of Blackridgepool.   They exit the empty tavern, finding themselves in a small market festival. They're given a chance to explore the market and the city, eventually checking out a number of books on the history of the 4th floor.

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26th May 2019

Session 17: Not this again

Clearing their third floor, the party makes their way into a familiar place - another interstitial level. Lisk vanishes, while Xora, Tiddles, and Rusticus reappear. In the interstitial space between floors 3 and 4, the party finds death and destruction.

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4th May 2019

Session 16: The Final Battle of Floor 3

Locorin gave his gifts, and vanished, leaving the party alone within a small shack in the middle of a swamp. They didnt have long to ponder however, as the insect horde had been released from time, and was on its way.

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6th Apr 2019

Session 15: The Center?

With Naro Velis being revealed to be drow, and the party in pain from dealing with a terrifying hungerer, and crazy alchemist, the party decided to sit down to rest.   Upon leaving the ruins they are currently resting in, they may continue trekking towards the ever nearer tower of stairs.

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22nd Mar 2019

Session 14: Exploring floor 3

After having met the friendly druid Zinnia, the party prepares to head back out into the desert. They're about halfway to their goal, but there's more danger between them and and the next set of stairs.

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16th Mar 2019

Session 13: More Sand

Scorpions, sand, and swearwords. The party had to deal with all of these in great quantities last session.   This session, they get to look forward to more of the same, as they trudge towards the center of floor 3.

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2nd Mar 2019

Session 12: Introduction to the Third Floor

After making their way through Tamworth with extreme stealth and caution, and taking whatever supplies they could, the party found the stair to floor 3.   A long hour of climbing later, and they entered a small sealed room at the entrance to floor 3. They were about to enter the poisoned, cursed wastes of the floor 3 desert.

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9th Feb 2019

Session 11: Beachcastle and Tamworth

The Party meets catfolk Isamu , who tells them what he saw at Tamworth . The party decides to instead head to Beachcastle , but what they see there sends them fleeing in terror back to Tamworth, where they must use their stealth to make it by the guards, and ascend to floor 3.

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3rd Feb 2019

Session 10: The River and The Forest

The party has prepared. They've met the inhabitants of Weirborough, they've collected some coins from The Spill, and they've heard the story of this floor, the Floor of Dexterity. They've heard that there's two more stairs found on this floor, one in Tamworth, and one in Beachcastle.   They now must choose what to do next. Hire a boat? Brave the forest? Visit Tamworth? Visit Beachcastle? The choice is theirs.

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26th Jan 2019

Session 9: Ascending to Floor 2

Nearly defeated at the hands of Jaxton's clockwork minions. However thanks to an assist from the mysterious Lisk , and some quick buffs from Ryder Kabaleyro , they manage to survive and destroy the constructs.   After the party takes looks around the control room, they ascend the stairs to find themselves in a quaint village at the head of the river The Spillway.

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13th Jan 2019

Session 8: Lost in Endless Corridors

The party has progressed through the interstitial space, collecting maps and keys.   Some machinery has been discovered, but in a broken state -- releasing massive bursts of electrical energy, hurting those near enough to the blast. Meanwhile other machines have been found to be in working order, reprogramming crystal power bracelets.   The party must use all of their utilities, their map pieces and copied schematics, to figure out how to get out of this interstitial space.

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4th Jan 2019

Session 7: Attempting to Escape the Maze

Xora remains in her bracelet as the rest of the party unpauses from the freeze in time. With one fewer member, they continue to attempt to make their way through the level 1 interstitial. Tiddles, Naro, Ryder, and Opal search as a group, finding chests and keys, and taking care of small clockwork, while also having to deal with a tough to kill clockwork mage. Meanwhile Rusticus is on his own, going toe to toe with massive clockwork guardians.

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19th Dec 2018

Session 6: First Floor Intermission

What was 4 before, is now 6, as Ryder re-awakens, and Xora joins the group. After brief introductions, they begin to explore level 1-i. As they progress, the party finds the area to be maze-like, and full of clockwork -- it's going to be a challenge to get through here.

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16th Dec 2018

Session 5: The Stairs are in Use Once Again

In a twist of fate, the cult researching Ryder disappears into his bracelet, mere hours before the party reaches the north eastern stair, home to the cult of ascension, a family of fervent followers who are harvesting soul coins to pay the toll of ascension. After a brief battle, the party bests the cult, takes the coins, and climbs the stair. They've done what no one has done in many years, and left floor 1 -- and the tower begins to take note.

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24th Nov 2018

Session 4: Ryder Takes Note

Ryder Kabalyero is an old soul to Synthacrosia. However, he has long since remained dormant inside his bracelet. Long enough that he's lost all memory of this tower -- thus when he finally emerges from his bracelet, right in the middle of a conflict, he is extremely confused. The self published cult researcher begins taking notes as soon as he regains a writing utensil. What follows is Ryders personal notes on his introduction to this world.

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5th Oct 2018

Session 3: And Yet More Goblins

The party once again entered a deep sleep inside their bracelets, before returning to consciousness. They retrace their steps east, before continuing east to the head of mining operations. Finding it also under goblin control, they kill the goblins and the goblin naga behind it all. The party continues east before reaching the city marked as "Assholes" on Jaxton's map.

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7th Sep 2018

Session 2: First Steps into the Dark

After falling back asleep for a few months, the party reawakens. Feeling as if no time had passed however, they look at Jaxton's map, and make plans. They head north to the plateau cliffs, and follow them westwards to the sounds of heavy machinery, where they find and destroy a Clockwork Excavator that has been rampaging out of goblin control.

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28th Apr 2018

Session 1: Welcome to Death

In a rare case of multiple souls arriving at the same time, the 5 heroic souls appear together. Going through processing, they all receive bracelets -- rare powered editions. Going against the norm, they fight their way out of processing, and into Floor 1, meeting Jaxton.

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The Protagonists

Naro Velis

Ryder Kabaleyro

Tiddles the Partizan

Jah Ithber



Zarish Lorn