Player Stats

Your growing power level

Level, Current EXP, Wealth spent before entering Synthacrosia   Starting level: 8   Starting EXP: 51,000
EXP from session 1: 0   EXP from session 2: 15,920   EXP from session 3: 9,605   EXP from session 4: 9,000   EXP from session 5: 4,700   EXP from session 6: 0   EXP from session 7: 0 DM note: I fucked up giving EXP for sessions 2 through 4, giving approximately 5 times too much exp. As a result, I'll be withholding EXP for a few sessions   Current EXP: 90,225   Current Level: 11  
  Wealth spent during character creation: 33,000 gold   Wealth in Synthacrosia: only soul coins

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