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Died to sail the open seas

Captain Nob

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Nob prefers to be called "Captain", despite not owning a boat. Even though he shows great skill in sailing, he's never been able to amass enough wealth to own his own boat, since living in Weirborough .   Originally from Beachcastle , Nob moved to Weirborough because it allowed him to sail more often. His goal is to earn enough money and become strong enough to ascend to Floor 4, and sail the great open seas up there.   Sadly, Nob is also slightly clumsy. He's fallen in the river 3 times, but luckily has not noticed any changes to himself. However any time he comes across a Gnome , he finds they inherently distrust him. Why though, he has no idea.


Is a captain for hire, often employed by Dagobert and Alfrida .
Current Location
Year of Birth
400 BcA 2400 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Lost at sea in his first life
Current Residence
Yellow, devious but with a certain friendliness to them
6' 6"
Aligned Organization

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