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"Bring me something neat for Remi, kay?"


Mental characteristics

Personal history

Alfrida seems to remember water and boats, oceans, waves, and the wind at her back. Whatever her previous life was, it's hard to remember now. However these days for whatever reason, she enjoys sailing and boating.   She owns the largest boat in Weirborough . Willing to rent the boat out for 10 soul coins. However she often chooses not to captain the vessel when lending it out, choosing instead to hire Nob .   Fell in the Cursed River once, and felt stronger for a day because of it.   She is close friends with Remi , whom she treats as a kind elderly grandfather.

Wealth & Financial state

Owns one large boat, termed a "Junkboat". Often sleeps in her quarters on the boat, but also owns a hut in town.
Current Location
Year of Birth
395 BcA 2395 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Died in a fire in her first life
Current Residence
Dark and playful
Orange, long
6' 6"
Aligned Organization

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