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Three schools control all the aspects of the minotaur civilization, their leaders, known as the "Triad"; are absolute rulers.

School of the Faith

The church of the one god is the current and official faith for all minoturs.
Leader: Zhek Ayori
Responsibilities: Guard the tenants of the faith. Serve the Minotaur people with food, health care and work labor.They are the diplomat envoys. This school has the defining vote in the decision making.

School of the Sword

This school train and control the militia and local guards.
Leader: Roar Hayakon Responsibilities: The miliraty and local guards. Serve the minotaur civilization with safety, trading, town planning and exploration. This school have, as subordinates, other minor school that take care of manual labors: Engineering, weapon and armor making, pottery, mining and so on.

School of Yesterday

The second most important profession is to be an historian.
Leader: @
Responsibilities: Preserve the pride minotaur history with his long and good dwarven friends. Serve the minos race with education, research and discovery. Somo subordinate schools are: Nature, schools of art, physics and maths.

Public Agenda

The main goal of the minotaur civilization is maintain control over the "inferior" races and have a good standing with the dwarves. They are expansionist, if can control and conquer land, at least they have some kind of leverage; like an important trading rout; control over an important resource source; impose their religion or laws.

The main goal is to build a great minotaur empire.

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Zhek Ayori has a secret agenda. Fearing the prophecy the seer Saeli Aldareen forge in a powerful artifact, he is willing to do everything to stop it. He found ancient tablets about the great magic power the "sun" statue in the middle of the elven forest possess.


Exor was establish when the last great elf settlement was defeated. This marks the year 0 in the Alliance calendar to remember the great victory that the minos dwarve army achieve.

That elf settlement was located in the grand forest at the mid of the continent and directly Exor is at the northwest of this forest.

Pride, Strenght, Honor follow Wisdom.

Founding Date
0 A (Alliance)
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
Head of State
Head of Government
Economic System
Command/Planned economy
Official State Religion
Official Languages


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