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Sun seeds.

Anhez Anwar (Ancient Language)


  • The triad:Three High priest/priestess of god, that control entirely the faith, the militar and the politics; one priest/priestess is the head of one of those aspects.

  • The twins:
  • Each head have two loyal colaborators:

    The military head, a general and an inventor.
    The political head, an economist and a master spy.
    The faith head, a speaker and a seer.

  • Hands:
  • Are specialized units formed by five individuals, almost every time minotaurs, from the three aspects accordingly to the task:

    A military hand consist of three warriors, one of them with a large shield, another with a melee weapon and the last one with a large bow, all minotaurs; One cleric of the church,can be a dwarf, because they, as the minotaurs, are the only ones that the god hears and an explorer, humans can assume this role.

    A commerce hand, have three merchants, one cleric and one spy.

  • Sons/Daughters of the Sun:
  • The rest in the hierarchy of the clergy. They do the daily tasks of the church

Public Agenda

The church is the major political and militar organization in all Daimon.

The dominat race, minotaurs, have the control of the vast majority of aspects in Daimon, commerce, militar, science and religion. They only respect the dwarves but see all the other races: Humans, Gnomes and, specially the Saurians, as inferior races.

The public agenda of this organization is "One sun, one God" and they try to bring all the individuals to this believe. Thats one of the reasons they hate the Saurians and the Giants cause the polytheism point of view they have.

As a secret agenda they want the control of all aspects, bringing even the dwarfs to the minotaurs way of life.

Makin the minotaur currently head of the school of Yesterday, has an agenda involving a prophecy.


The church has a vast and diverse amount of assets.

They control all the goverment buildings, the army and the economy of the minotaur empire.
Have access to a lot of specialized equipment and persons.


The organization is almost as long as the minotaurs became the dominant race in Daimon. This facts are now lost, only the most history versed can precise this.

The sun seeds became a major political organization almos 40 years ago, and from that point they amass power and influence.

One sun, one God.

Religious, Organised Religion
Permeated Organizations
Notable Members


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