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Summer Camp 2019

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe the tenets or precepts of an organised religion in your world.
A total of 293 entries

The Order of the Sword

Churches of Tetsuo

The Shadralin Order

The Shova Church of the Ancestors

Champions of the Lady

A Detailed Interview with the Remnants of Halo

Batona's rules on magic

The beliefs of the southwest Orcs

The followers of the inevitabel

Nostrae Tenebras

The Keepers Of Natures Circle

Church of the Mother

The Eclipsiae Religion

The Cult of Death Illumination

Order of the Open Hand

Christianity in the Roman Empire

The Order of Scythe and Shield

The Priesthood of Bahamut

Lezantarus Grace

The Royal Priesthood

The Teleform Order

Disciples of The Huntress

The Orders of the Old Blood

Lekorische Kirche

Church of the Blazing Heart

The Bond of Service

Forgers of the Strewn Sky

Our Lady of Divine Descendence

The Provector Religion

Church of Obrator

Temple of Chauntea - Earth Mother

Order of the Ocean

Children of the Inevitable

Skolotoi Orthodox Church

The Cult of the Oasis

Report on the cult of 'The Sea Father'

Faith of the Light

The Cult of Sargos

Lenonian Church of The Five Divines

Followers of the Infinite Afterlife

Cult of the Unliver

Dawn War Disciples

The Servants of Wind

Sanguisugae Circulus

Arburg's form of religion

The Stellar Church

Church of the Waters

Path of Invictus

Pilgrims from the Sun

Church of the Moons

The Hands of Glitastjarna

Order of Lost Causes

Priests & religion of Eradia

Ongeluk; The God of Bad Jokes and Bad Luck.

Followers of The Black

Sisterhood of Saint Sparrow

Church of the Ascended

Pontificous Rite of Baldergash Sparcsylver

Der Tempel des Allvaters

The Way of Runeblessed Dreams

The Four Commandments of Oberon

The Cult of the Fallen

The Church of Civilization

L'École du Coeur

House of Sun and Moon

The Aegalian Church

The Incandescent Order of He'Sén

The Silent Volunteers

The Religion of the Deep

Mistlands Circle

The Church of Erev

Children of the Forgotten

The Creed of Akhal-Teke

Aldelgian Ildyr Diocese

The Great Presence

The Seven and their Cults

The Preservers of Truth

Worshipers of Gonazh

T'kra Katourkrau: The Sect of Sacrifice

Sect of the Ravenward

The Ethereal Magistry

Le Palais Céleste


Descendants of Xiazogoth

Estmerian Religion

Cult of the Unfathomable Jester

Circles of Kayne

Order of the Heavens

Religious Cult of the Great Maker

Children of the Embrace

The tenets of the Children of the Light

The Children of the Drill

Church of Universal Harmony

Oath of the Conduit

The Faith of the High Seven

The Cult of Zhotori

Lawbringer's Cult

The Order of the Scale (SC'19)

Rules of the Bagu Bagu

The Charmer and the Reaper

The Church of Holy Light

Redemptionism & The Way of the Redeemer

The Congregation of Radiance and Brilliance

Order of the Twin Serpents

Order of the Golden Chalice

House of the Faceless Watcher

Children of the Cataclysm

The Cult of the Brezh

Natural Civilization

Rajhska (Religion)

Walk on the path Kal has laid for us

The Bane of the Dead

The Polarities of Sorid-Kapor.

The Emissary Enrichment Coalition

The Cult of the Eternal Star

The Akregian Church of Dragons

Children of Enarias

Order of Fate and Knowledge

Hi-No Emperor Worship

Temple of the Silver Bind

The Church of Gnash

The Faith of Diea the Pure - WIP

*Children of the Night

Provision of the Mother

The Order of the Uendronei

Dominionate of The Mad God Aascar'ri

The Circle of Compassion

The Army of the Faithful

La Casa Del Todopoderoso

Order of the tarevesalan Gods

Religion of the Thousand Skies

The Church of the void