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Summer Camp 2019

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe the tenets or precepts of an organised religion in your world.
A total of 292 entries

The Shova Church of the Ancestors

A Detailed Interview with the Remnants of Halo

The beliefs of the southwest Orcs

The Keepers Of Natures Circle

Christianity in the Roman Empire

The Order of Scythe and Shield

The Orders of the Old Blood

Our Lady of Divine Descendence

Children of the Inevitable

Report on the cult of 'The Sea Father'

Lenonian Church of The Five Divines

Followers of the Infinite Afterlife

Priests & religion of Eradia

Ongeluk; The God of Bad Jokes and Bad Luck.

Sisterhood of Saint Sparrow

Church of the Ascended

Pontificous Rite of Baldergash Sparcsylver

The Incandescent Order of He'Sén

T'kra Katourkrau: Sect of Sacrifice

Descendants of Xiazogoth

Religious Cult of the Great Maker

The tenets of the Children of the Light

The Children of the Drill

The Faith of the High Seven

Redemptionism & The Way of the Redeemer

The Congregation of Radiance and Brilliance

Order of the Twin Serpents

House of the Faceless Watcher

Walk on the path Kal has laid for us

The Polarities of Sorid-Kapor.

The Emissary Enrichment Coalition

Temple of the Silver Bind

The Faith of Diea the Pure - WIP

Dominionate of The Mad God Aascar'ri

Religion of the Thousand Skies