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Amanism is the primary religion in Ghynzua. The most important deity is Ama. She is the All-Mother, and is seen as the one who gives life. Not only to humans, but to all life. To amanists, all living beings are creations of Ama. Therefor everyone must be treated with respect, within the boundaries of what the tenets prescribe. Women and girls hold a special position in amanism. It is believed they are a living aspect of Ama and are thought to be sacred in some respect. Causing them harm is serious blasphemy. This ties in with Ghynzua's matriarchal society. It comes as no surprise then that the origin of amanism can be traced back to the founding of Ghynzua itself.


  1. Ama is mother to all. From her all life flows: show respect to life in all its forms. In most parts of Ghynzua people do not eat meat or poultry. Fish is eaten in some regions though. Proper rituals have to be performed when fish is killed.
  2. The female body is holy: Ama is projected into every female. Therefor each girl and woman must be treated with the greatest respect. No harm can be inflicted upon them.
  3. Honor Ama by honoring her daughters: in amanism people not only worship Ama, the All-Mother. Her daughters are also worshipped. Each daughter stands for certain aspects of life.
  4. Death is merely a new beginning: amanists belief in reincarnation. If you live your life according to Ama's teachings, your next life will bring you closer to an eternal life at her side.

Seycha the Shadow Walker

The youngest daughter of Ama. She is known as the one who did her mothers dirty work. In some texts against her mothers will, while older texts seem to imply it was with her mothers consent.  

Tenets of Seycha

  1. Kill those who oppose the Mothers teachings: this implies that criminals (murderers, etc.), especially those who bring harm to women, can be killed by those who receive Ama's blessing to kill.
  2. Kill with respect for your prey, for you will meet them again in their next life: although life is to be respected in amanism it is allowed to kill people when they make a mess of their lives. On some crimes stands the death penalty.
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One would think that Ghynzua, the seat of amanism, has no death penalty. Seeing as respect to all life is so important to them. This could not be further from the truth however. It is seen as the empires sacred duty to make sure everyone stays on the path to Ama. Anyone straying from this path takes the risk of never being reborn again. This means that person will no longer have the chance to live eternally at Ama's side. Therefor it is better and more humane to end their life so they may do a better job in the next one.

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