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East Eghea

A continent which is part of the eghean landmass. Eghea is seen as two separate continents connected through a mountain range. East Eghea, as the name reveals, is the eastern continent.  


Before the cataclym East Eghea was made up of kingdoms and clan territory. After The Pulse decimated the population drastically, despite the mountains in its path, many were left vulnerable. It was the start of a many years of war. Until one woman changed it all. She became the founder of Ghynzua, today the largest nation in the world, and the only true matriarchy. Despite the size of Ghynzua the northern territories remain ruled by clans. Why the empire never conquered them is a question which keeps many bright minds busy. The clans themselves claim they are too strong for the empires armies, but most scholars seem to agree that the empress merely has no interest in the infertile mountainous regions of the north. An official answer has never been provided however, so it will likely never go beyond speculation.
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