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Linoha is a town situated on the east coast of central Ghynzua. It is famous for the production of coral fabric dye. A product distributed all throughout Ghynzua, as well as exported to various locations worldwide.


As far as towns go Linoha has a well defined structure in its layout. All the buildings and workspaces used in dye production lay central and near the coastline. Residential areas are found to the north and south of the industrial area. While commercial zones are found more to the west side of the village.


One of the routes of the Dream Road ends in Linoha. This allows for easy transport of goods to and from the town. Thanks to this wide road, which ends at the western edge of the town, traffic to and from Linoha is common. The rest of the town features stone paved streets, with smaller unpaved alleyways here and there.


Coral Dye

The production of coral dye has been the top commercial product for the town for hundreds of years. As the demand grew the village expanded their production, and more people moved there to find a job in the dye industry. Foreigners visiting Ghynzua discovered the excitence of this dye, which led to a demand for the product outside of the Empire. Most of the dye is transported over the Dream Road to Sawu or Miraiy. From there the dye is sold to traders and shipped to various locations all over the world.


Linoha is a coastal town. It speaks for itself that fishing is an important part of their community. Fish and shellfish is a staple within their diet. But they also dry fish, which is then packaged and transported over the dream road to other locations within the Empire.


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