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In the middle of Pagan Hills lies the main village of the pagans. Thurhyll was once just one of the many hamlets dotted throughout the region, until a new trade route was established that ran right past the village. Since then the small hamlet grew into the large village it is at the moment. It is here that the pagan council resides. And the place where all export products from the pagans are gathered before they are send on their way to other parts of the Empire. The village is best known however for its tourism. It is a cozy place where people from other parts of Ghynzua like to come to buy pagan products and experience what pagan life is like.


Thanks to commerce and tourism the once small hamlet has grown into a large village. Hotels, inns and shops had to be built to provide lodging and things to do for visitors and tourists. The number of homes grew as well since more pagans were needed not only due to a rise in tourism but also to process all of the products which they distribute throughout Ghynzua.

The Smoldering Cauldron is by far the most popular inn of Thurhyll. Especially the board games, which are set up in the main hall, are a favorite of the guests at all hours of the day. Most evenings music is being played by a pagan group to which visitors sing along. This inn might not be for those who want a quiet evening but if you want a taste of the pagan life there is no better place to find.
— From A Guide to Central Ghynzua

The houses of Thurhyll are almost entirely made of wood except for the foundation which is made of stone. They usually have only two floors: a ground floor and the attic. On the ground floor one can find a storage room, a living room and a kitchen. On the attic are the bedrooms and the bathroom. Larger houses like the Seat of the Pagan Council and hotels sometimes have three floors. Many of the streets in the village are paved with stones. Smaller alleyways are usually unpaved. One can also find a watermill next to the river that flows past the village. A sturdy wooden bridge allows safe passage across the river. Lastly, a trade route named the Herb Road runs right past the village. It is a well maintained Wide Road large enough for a Stigyrompus and the cargo it pulls.


The village is protected by a two meter tall wooden defensive wall. This is mostly to keep predators and The Inflicted roaming the region out. But also to make sure tourists don't venture past the village boundaries at night where they risk being eaten by a hungry Okaawi.

It seems that people who go on a vacation leave their common sense at home. The trouble some of our tourists get into is beyond belief.
— Pagan

Natural Resources

Since Thurhyll lies within Pagan Hills they have many natural resources at their disposal. One of the resources they have an abundance of is wood. The pagans use it to built houses and other infrastructure. But they also create bowls, toys and other items which are decorated with intricate carvings and then sold to tourists or traveling traders.

I bought eight bowls. I really don't need that many, but I could not choose between them.
— Enthousiastic tourist

There is also an abundance of various edible plants and herbs in the region which are used to make potions and medicines. While others are used to add flavor to meals or simply to be part of the meal. Some herbs and spices are dried to be able to store them longer. These are a much wanted product among tourists and traders.


A very important source of income for Thurhyll is tourism. It may have started out with people coming to the village from all over Ghynzua to buy potions, amulets and spells. But as more and more people came to Thurhyll to buy things, or as a stop on their way deeper into Pagan Hills, the villagers saw an opportunity which they turned into a profitable business. Great care is taken to assure there is lodging for everyone's taste. There are plenty of shops to keep people busy for hours. Those who wish to see more of Pagan Hills can join a guarded tour. One of the newest additions are workshops. It started five years ago with a try out for a woodcarving workshop. It was sold out in minutes and due to high demand more workshops were organized. In the mean time people can choose between a wide range of workshops.
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Twice a week a new trade caravan stops in Thurhyll. Most consist of two or more stigy's and a varying number of travelers. They bring wares the pagans don't have and buy spices, herbs, medicines and wooden items from them. To accommodate these caravans a caravenserai was built just outside Thurhyll on the opposite side of the road. It has several bedrooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, a library and a large paddock for the stigy's.

Guarded Tours

For those who wish to see more of Pagan Hills Thurhyll offers a wide range of guarded tours. The most basic is a hike of a few hours through the nearby hills to see the wildlife and plants unique to the region like the Blood Oak. Others focus more on a trip to nearby villages where the tourists can buy items often not available in Thurhyll. These tours can take multiple days with lodging in various cabins which have been built for this reason all throughout the region. For the bravest adventurers Thurhyll offers a very special tour where one has the opportunity to see Inflicted like the Kepawu in their natural habitat. Due to the dangers lurking in Pagan Hills these tours always come with pagan guards to keep the tourists safe. Unfortunate incidents do happen however.


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