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The Wilder Trail

Deep within The Pagan Hills an old trail can be found. Where it leads no one can say. Some claim though that the powers of old are strong on the path. That it is a remnant of a long forgotten past. Its original purpose lost in time.
From the moment you set foot on the Wilder Trail you can feel there is something at work. A dark force perhaps. Or maybe it is as harmless as a newborn stigy.

Trail Markers

The Wilder Trail crosses the Pagan Hills from west to east and runs through the Wilder Woods. There is a small path visible at all times but a series of trail markers make it even less likely to get lost. Each marker is easily distinguished from the others thanks to symbols carved into the stone.

Elusive End

What makes the Wilder Trail special is that it always brings you back to the start of the trail. Yet the trail does not run in a loop. It keeps leading you east past each unique trail marker. But in the end, as you pass the last marker, you are at the beginning of the trail. And when you check the marker you just walked past it is no longer the last marker but the first.
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Ancient Magic

Some practitioners of the obscure sciences believe that to reach the true end of the Wilder Trail one must be able to wield magic. Since the existence of magic in current or ancient times has never been proven their claims are simply dismissed by the majority of people. And so the mystery of the trail remains. No one can deny however that there is something about the trail. If not magic what could it be?


Author's Notes

This article was written during Inktober 2019 for the following prompts:
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