3427 AP

Thousands of years ago a mysterious event called The Pulse nearly destroyed Ealdwyll. Those who survived faced many years of hardship in a world they barely recognized. Despite the harsh living conditions the small number of survivors resulted in the thriving societies we see today. Humans learned how to use the Artefacts from Before. Made the Ageless Structures their homes. And learned how to stay safe from the monstrous Inflicted. Now something stirs in the background. Change is imminent, yet many remain oblivious. Amongst the practitioners of the obscure sciences however unrest is rising. For ages they have tried to uncover the truth about The Pulse. Their attempts remained futile though, as if part of the puzzle was missing. Now they fear something is awakening. Something that threatens all life on Ealdwyll. Yet they are still no step closer to finding out what exactly happened all those centuries ago.