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The Bone Vault

Situated at the edge of The Frozen City of Ishdal stands an Ageless Tower called the Bone Vault. It houses not only the largest collection of skeletons worldwide, but also has the largest amount of different species, many of which are extinct or have evolved into new species over time. The museum offers a unique opportunity for scholars to study those species from long ago. The tower also houses a library with books about many species, often with detailed colored sketches. The only downside is the language most of these books are written in. Old Ealdorian has not yet been translated, so only a few of these documents can be read. The sketches however offer plenty of useful information for scholars with an interest in evolution and/or extinct species.

As I stepped through the doorway into the immense entrance hall, all I could do was gasp in astonishment at the sight before me. The massive skeleton of a Star Kite in flight hung suspended from the ceiling high above me. For a moment I felt it would swoop down and grab me. But alas, all that remains of these majestic birds today are the bones they left behind. How marvelous would it have been to see them when they where still alive.
— Excerpt from Into the Unknown by Jareb Bonavine


From the outside the Bone Vault is perhaps less impressive than some of the other Ageless Towers, it's architectural features are still spectacular though. The circular tower features seven floors with intricate windows casting beautiful light patterns into the rooms. Its facade has no decorations except for the windows and a tall double door with engraved animals. Each floor is dedicated to a certain theme.

Entrance Hall

One of the best known rooms in the museum is the entrance hall. It is a massive circular room with a winding staircase leading to the first floor. Although many bird skeletons are on display throughout this room, the star kite hanging from the ceiling is its most prominent feature.

First floor





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The Frozen City of Ishdal

City of the dead

The Frozen City of Ishdal is sometimes referred to as the City of the Dead. Not only because of its connection to the Bone Vault, but also because its proximity to the Frozen Necropolis.

Cover image: Skull by Mitja Juraja


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