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Star Kite

Star kites are a bird of prey which lived on the eghean landmass and became extinct thousands of years ago. They are mostly associated with The Forgotten who worshipped and domesticated them.


Star kites were giant birds resembling hawks. All we have left of them are fossilized bones found in various locations in West Eghea and East Eghea. But because The Forgotten left behind many depictions of this species in their artwork, we have a good idea of what these birds looked like. They were predominantly black or dark grey, with small dots of white dappled across their back, chest, and wings. Their eyes were a vivid orange, while their beak was black. An exact weight is hard to determine, but thanks to skeletal remains scholars estimate an adult on average would have been 4 meters tall, with a wingspan of 10 meters. With the domesticated kites being smaller than their wild counterparts.


It is believed the star kite was mainly found in coastal regions. In artwork they can often be seen soaring above the ocean or with a fish in their massive talons. Remains have been found only near coasts, and as far north as Ishdal. Scholars think they preferred a temperate climate though. It is possible their domesticated relatives travelled north because of their connection with the Forgotten.


Despite their impressive size the Forgotten tamed the Star Kite, which later led to the domestication of the species. Scholars believe that they were initially used for defense and hunting. We know from artwork however that they eventually learned to wear a saddle to carry people on their back.


From what historians have been able to study it is believed that the Star Kite was not only domesticated but also worshipped by the Forgotten.
Average Height
3.5 - 4.0 m
Average wingspan
10 m
Geographic Distribution


The extinction of the Star Kite seems to correlate with the extinction of the Forgotten. It is still unclear how these two are connected. Unless the Forgotten were mass murdered by another civilization, which also killed their birds, there seems no proper explanation for it.


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Apr 22, 2021 20:17 by Bart Weergang

That's one big bird! I'd be terrified and willing to ride it at the same time. Excellent how you drop clues and snippets on what may or may not have happened to the Forgotten, it certainly keeps me on the lookout for more.

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