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TC | Member Since 24 Mar, 2019
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Hey all! I'm TC (they/them), a 20yo uni student who enjoys worldbuilding as a hobby. I am so far only working on one world, Interarcanum, for a DnD campaign I am playing with friends.

If you enjoy my work, feel free to check out my Ko-fi account!

The Good Cookies Lodge
Favorite Movies

Favourite Good Movie: Jojo Rabbit
Favourite Bad Movie: Ocean's 8, The Princess Switch: Switch Again, D.E.B.S

Favorite TV Series

Fleabag, Russian Doll, The OA, Community - I really recommend you watch these if you haven't already

Favorite Books

The Bartimaeus Trilogy, "Le livre de ma mère", and all the books about myths I have

Latest Loved work

Jolune Fal


Erin Attenara, Champion of the Naive

The British Parliament

The Womanizer