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Bear with me, dear reader. I want you to take a look around your home. Draw your eyes from the screen for a moment and really look. What if I revealed to you that everything you see is not the same. The furniture, you're computer, your books, and all other possessions have been replaced by a perfect copy.

Take your time. Explore that possibility, and tremble at its implications. It wasn't a secret, I didn't hide it from you. Given the opportunity, I revealed it without hesitation. You haven't stepped through the looking glass to a secret world of terror and monsters, you have turned from the cave wall to see the world for what it truely is.   It's like the universe has shifted an inch to the left, and you're one of the few who noticed it. You're probably trying to tear your eyes away, even. You take solace in the fact that this is fiction. Maybe...

The Web is a modern horror setting, one you've seen a dozen times before at first glance. It is not a world of secrets, merely a world some understand more than others. Those in the know still fear the dark. It terrifies them. Their stories are tragic, sometimes horrifying, and often wonderous.   Be cautious. The Web has a depth that never ends. The more one connects the dots, the deeper into its byzantine structure one goes, and it's not meant that we should voyage far...

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