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Heimdal and The Bifrost

The Watchtower

First, let me give props and thanks to the guys at r/amateurradio for their amazing help in researching for this article!

Listen to it while you read, wait till the end!

Heimdal: Dialing
Ashley Dean: Hello?
Heimdal: *static-Beethoven's 5th-static-distorted male voice* "Ash?"
Ashley Dean: Dad? What is that, I can barely hear you?
Heimdal: *static-distorted female voice* - "3...2...1...Stop walking...Now!"
Ashley Dean: *Squealing tires- screaming*
Heimdal: *1812 Overture-computerized female voice*- "You're welcome..." -*disconnects*

"This Is My Purpose"

Heimdal claims to be a Spirit of fair warning, but Carthage can't decide if that statement is true. He exhibits the traits of a spirit such as a drive toward his domain. On the other hand, he functions more like a ghost as he can recall memories such as a wife and child. It is believed that he is something else entirely, but few investigate beyond that. Heimdal has shown himself to be a trusted and valued friend of The Web, and most choose not to test him.

His story begins with a man on D-Day during the second world war. The man heard a voice whispering just beyond the layer that separates this world from the next. The voice guided him through the gauntlet of mortars and bullets. He trusted it and it saved his life. The man was Ryan Edison, who is one of few allowed in the tower. The two have formed a tight bond. In 1958, Heimdal joined with Ryan's HAM radio and found that he could feel danger when it nears for miles around. As the technology improved, so did Heimdal. He gives his warnings and with Ryan's help, could reach across the globe.      

The Tower

It serves as the headquarters of Bifrost, and holds the secret of the organization's success within. Heimdal integrated himself into the tower. He became the tower and in the process gained many unique abilities that allow him to act as his instincts dictate. Many people have received a phone call from an impossible number moments before their death. Those who listen to his warnings always live to tell the tale.

After an incident involving Air Force One and Heimdal's often persistent demands, Ryan and Heimdal were apprehended and studied. Once The Web was officially formed, Heimdal began his work on Bifrost.
The Bifrost was meant to aid those who have Heimdal's primer. They decode his message allowing him to coordinate massive operations for smaller, poorly funded cells in the web who often find themselves out of their depth due to lack of knowledge and equipment.

The organization is funded by donations from The Web. Even the major players in The Web have grown quite fond of Heimdal's vigilance and playful personality. They listen for hours as he relays information across the globe.

Heimdal's Facility

The tower maintains a guise of a government facility to keep civilians away. Surrounding the tower is a forest. A fence traces a square mile of land around the tower.

This is for privacy, as anyone can triangulate the towers position.
There are 4 floors in the tower. The first serves as Ryan's home. It has a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room with a steel ladder that leads to the second floor.
The second floor is where Heimdal resides. It is a large empty room with a strange device sitting in its center. This 5x5 cube is what houses Heimdal. Wires extend to the floors above from the top side of the cube and a chess board sits on the floor next to it.
The third floor is a cold room where all of the hardware is placed. The top floor is where most of the signal is created and transmitted. An assortment of electrical wires stem from the transmitters on the roof and branch into various terminals. Both Ryan and Heimdal construct the message and transmit it. Ryan also answers calls from troubleshooters in the field who listen.


The Modern World

Instead of transmitting solely over a one way signal, he can divide some of his attention to notify members of The Web about smaller issues nearby while broadcasting the major issues to all.
These methods include cell phone calls, text messages, and even outright hijacking of computers to open a word processor and type it out.
In rare cases, Heimdal takes particular interest in isolated incidents.

A parent with a missing child may receive a bizarre phone call. They hear a random string of numbers or a name and after investigation, may very well find their child.
This is a habit the more secretive organizations of The Web have tried to stop, but to no avail. After being asked, he usually plays back the unruly laughter of a live studio audience which ends abruptly and then simply says in a blunt computerized voice "No"

Heimdal's Abilities

Heimdal uses his ghostly voice and a database of sounds and voice clips that he collects over time. He can tap phone lines and seize computers alongside his broadcast through radio. When calling someone he wishes to save, he mimics the voice of someone close to them from recorded calls to make himself seem more trustworthy.

While it may seem that he can see the future this is only half true. He can only see events already set in motion and usually can't intervene unless he considers it a "fair" warning. He has yet to really specify what that means.

This limit is mainly due to his domain but is also due to the limitations of his reach and influence. Heimdal transmits only so far and he can only divide his attention so much in other forms of communication. Minor incidents often get missed or overlooked in favor of major problems. It can be days before sending information on smaller incursions.

His signal has since adapted to new technology.


  • The Bifrost Network
    A map of Heimdal and The Bifrost Network's towers and satellites

The Bifrost

The Bifrost is every transmitter and receiver Heimdal favors when sending his signal. These messages are sent in many ways, most without regard of civilian exposure. To ensure secrecy, Heimdal invented a code to hide the intended meanings.

Heimdal's Primer is obtained by calling 1-123-555-4567, an impossible number in the U.S.A that Heimdal screens regularly. If authorized to have the primer, they receive it, if not then they hear a series of unsettling sounds that are designed to encourage disconnection.   The Bifrost also consists of "Elmers." These men and women often assist Heimdal. Due to atmospheric conditions like time of day, weather, etc. Heimdal cannot always reach certain areas of the globe on his own. He uses Elmers to translate and relay his messages if he can't, as well as to repair equipment.


Helheim 12-1

  The Helheim Incident was the largest web operation in history. It began with a broadcast in 2017. Heimdal used the terms rooster (urgent message) and Helheim 12-1 (A potentially apocalyptic scenario dealing with supernatural entities currently underway. All operatives respond.)

Those terms have never been used before by Heimdal.

It was a terrifying message for those who heard it, many of whom considered him a welcome companion on their journey. This wasn't an everyday operation. For many involved...it was quite personal.
Heimdal broke his own rules of using a code to call for help directly, and he was heard.

The Troubleshooters arrived on site first and found that they were far too late. The tower was under siege. If it fell, Heimdal would fall with it which would lead to a black out in communication and a major set back for The Web.

With the bigger organizations still gathering, the troubleshooters had to defend the tower for 6 days before the calvary arrived to defend him. The nearby towns and forest were infested with horrors. It was a month long operation before the situation was resolved and Heimdal regards it as his proof of concept and it cemented his loyalty to the people who saved him.

The events unfold in a series of short stories, the first of which was my Kyanite entry: Vacancy. Which details the events from the perspective of The Black Betties.


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This is a really great concept! I listened to the video in the background while doing other things and that ending part really scared the wits out of me xD   It was so well formulated and the idea and the mythological names fit this perfectly. Very nice!

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This is an incredibly written article! I love the way you manage to portray horror and mystery in this article. The opening paragraph is very good for hooking the reader in and it definitely lives up to the interest that you manage to build up over the article . The details about the architecture of the tower was a really great addition as well and besides that I don’t know what to say since this article is so good. Congratulations and keep up the good work!

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Wow... This is very, very impressive. Easily one of the most complete articles I've read here so far. I especially like how you made not only a tower, but also a character, and a very awe-inspiring (if a bit unsettling) one at that. The broadcast is, in my opinion, very fitting for the whole article.   To me, the article looks incredible as it is, so I really cannot give any suggestions. All I have to say is: keep up your good work!

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I really enjoy the modern take on this Norse myth! Especially with interacting with real world locations and concepts! Definitely worth the world follow!   How much power does Heimdal use to send messages out? Seems like something that would be extremely unwieldy!   I will say I'm not a fam of the formatting of the opening quote, but I'm not sure how to adjust it to make it seem better.

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You would be surprised my friend. I actually had to do some research here and make sure I understood the concepts of radio at least a little before writing. I went to r/amateurradio and the guys there were awesome.   Initially ham radio enthusiasts would use car batteries to power it...well not an amp but most the equipment is pretty basic power wise and on a clear day at dusk you have people in the us communicating with people in Scotland. I downgraded quite a bit. The map, when clicked on, will reveal the average distance Heimdal can reach as well the other towers in the Bifrost. With ham he can reach far wider, but on am and fm bands its a little tricky and has significantly shorter distance. Weather also has a play in it too. Heimdal can even use satalites which we actually have. Sorry so much fun stuff I got to learn. I can link the reddit post if you want more. You cab actually take a little 9volt battery and send morse code halfway accross the world. As far as real numbers given the whole conspiracy element and modern day stuff I just kind of went with it and assumed he has the power he needs. I never ran numbers cause the signal was my main focus XD   ORIGINALLY the opening quote was going to be another playable sound like the broadcast I was going to record. Still might to be honest lol

19 Feb, 2019 00:00

As an Avionics technician, I love that you did the research!

Now working on
The Hylian Fantasy
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Ahhhhh! Thanks! I dobt know enough to really ve verses in it but I did what I could. Thanks for saying that. Speaking of the idea of the Bifrost kind of came from the HFGCS but I kinda spun out into many forms of communication. Thanks for the kind words and the like!

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My Cyberpunk / unknown Armies heart beats wildly.   I especially love your teaser. Short, on point and carrying the mood. Fantissimo.   I am still a little lost about what he is though. An uploaded Human? A timetraveling KI with false memories. Or literally "the ghost in the machine". If this is intentional, kudos. RPG's need good mystery. All in all i also get a great "Unknown Armies" feel here. ( If you don't know the game, take a look i got a feel you might like it).   Don't really have suggestions, i would expand not on this article but on those which you refer by link. So do that instead.

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20 Feb, 2019 09:45

I like Norse Mythology, and I have to admit, your "The Web" interpretation is quite cool! It is really interessting that you combined Heimdal, the Tower and Bifrost within the articel.   Only thing that confused me a bit: Bifrost, in the "Tower"-paragraph you discripe it as an organization. While on the sidebar it sounds more like just a communication array, that can use different transmitters and receivers.   Netherless, I like it.

Have a look at my Treasured Companions Entry.
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Thanks for the like and comme t the Bifrost is an organization due to the elmers. I should clarify that and thank you so much.

27 Mar, 2019 00:16

Wowzery doo. This was an impressive piece of work. It certainly is one of the most creative CSS pieces I've seen and the original audio work is particularly intriguing. Well played sir. It seems so miraciously vigilante while also being dark and mysterious. I certainly wouldn't wan to get a call like that, well at least until it helped me.   Well done.

Psstt... Hey you... Wanna read some of that Ethnisy Summer Camp goodness? Hit up my worldbuilding in the Ethnis Universe!
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27 Jan, 2020 16:59

Sounds more like an AI than a god or spirit. Where does he get his information from? cosmic forces? security cameras?   I will think of him whenever I hear beethoven's 5th.

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Woooooot! He is remarkably similar to an AI. I think it would be cosmic forces though i havnt quite worked out those detaails of heimdal yet.

28 Jan, 2020 17:45

Quick question, does Heimdall receive information from alternate realities; basically I'm asking if Oxenfree has be be in a reality that a Heimdall is in to get help from him.

Sage Dylonishere123
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28 Jan, 2020 17:52

Yes! A heimdal would need to be around in order for them to have help. Oxenfree's home teams help out in the prime reality, but for the most part, heimdal is isolated to the reality he is in. Excellent question.

Time Bender
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This is fascinating! I decided to check out more of your worlds, and I do not regret it. I love the thought of Heimdal not being just a myth, but a computerized (sort of) anomaly! I hope to check out more soon.

Sage Dylonishere123
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5 Mar, 2021 07:27

Oooo the web is something else for sure. Lots of cool ideas in here. Thanks for checking it out. Heimdall was the first proper article in The Web if I remember right. I hope you enjoy what you see. It's a close second favorite compared to the void between.

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